カルカロ ("Karukaro")
Dinosaur Statistics
Name Carcharo
カルカロ ("Karukaro")
Gender Male
Species Carcharodontosaurus saharicus
Attribute Fire
Owner Asuma Sarutobi (Deceased)(formal)
Konohamaru (Temporary)
Shikamaru (Recent)
Move Cards Fire Cannon, Heat Eruption, Flare Sword, Ultimate Fire, OverHeat, Magma Bomb, Fire Bomb, Burning Eruption
Wind and Fire Release: Blazing Mountain's Violent Wind
Hell Smash, Dino Swing, Diving Press, Atomic Bomb
Series Naruto King
First Appearance Episode 2
Last Appearance

Carcharo is a Carcharodontosaurus and is a faithful companion to Asuma Sarutobi.


Carcharo the Carcharodontosaur by Asuma17

Reference Sheet of Carcharo

Like his Dinosaur King predecessor, Carcharo's color pattern consist of an awning green with calabash markings. His horns are golden yellow and his belly is a dolphin gray. Unlike his Dinosaur King counterparts, one noticeble design of Carcharo is that he has brown eyes rather than red, the designer gave him brown eyes because he thought this would best suit Carcharo's relationship and appearance compared that to Asuma's (though when reached full growth his eyes turn red). Carcharo also sports a smirk which is seems show a daring motivation.


Like Asuma, a Carcharo is laid-back individual, differences are that he shows more concern in situation when it comes to helping someone. Despite Asuma's very blunt personality in which often calling his students and pet what they were unreservedly, a "glutton" (Chōji), a "loud mouth" (Ino), a "slacker" (Shikamaru) and a "rascal" (Carcharo)

Carcharo and Asuma have a close relationship and share quite notorious bond with one another. Carcharo is very loyal to his owner and is fun of sitting of his shoulder. Carcharo always acts as the rascal of the group despite his loyality to his owner and the group he harasses them by laughing at them when they get into trouble. Carcharo has shown to be very caring for his friends when they are in trouble an example would be during the Chunin Exams when Hinata was trouble it was at this point he disobeyed his owners orders, in order to save one his comrades.


Carcharo was found and activated somewhere near the Leaf village just before the events of the second Naruto episode "My Name is Konohamaru". His sudden upbringing alerted Asuma at first knowing what a dinosaur was capable of; but give the benefit of the doubt Asuma let the creature live in peace and eventually the two became friends.

His first appearence was in the Hokage's Mansion currently sitting on Asuma's shoulder, looking at the crystal ball during the day the students would become Ninjas. During the first meeting of Team 10, all the smoke from Asuma's cigerette clouded the area; Carcharo runs to a safe place to hide from the smoke, in humor Asuma and the rest of team laughed histerically. Sometime during the events of the Chunin Exams the Hokage asked the of three jōnins Asuma, Kurenai and Kakashi who will be the choosing for the exams, when the genins were decided Iruka disagrees with the three jōnins on their decisions picking his previous students. During the events of the Chunin Exams, Carcharo and Team 10 watched Hinata fight Neji, as Neji almost killed Hinata other ninjas aided to help her, but when Carcharo noticed his owner doesn't join in, Carcharo jumps off his shoulder and runs to aid Hinata aswell.