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About NeovenatorEdit

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Dash's StatisticsEdit

  • Attribute: Wind
  • Power: 1400
  • Technique: 700
  • Sign: Paper
  • Owner: Rex Owen (D-Team)
  • Debut: Dinosaur King The Final Rampage Episode 2
  • Name: Dash
  • Other: Dash is a very active dinosaur who enjoys racing and running around. Dash and Sparks are very good friends and enjoy playing with each other. Dash is usually seen running around.


Used Without RampageEdit


A tornado surrounds Dash, boosting his power.

Ninja Attack

Dash creates duplicates of himself, which attack the opponent simultaneously.


By running at blinding speed, Dash can hit the opponent multiple times. First used against Sinraptor.

Gust of Vengeance

After being severely weakened, Dash collects wind power into his body than suddenly splits into three Neovenators, confusing the opponent. Then Dash runs towards them and hits them. First used against Tyrannosaurus.

Sonic Blast

Dash blows a tornado which sweeps the opponent off their feet.

Used With RampageEdit

Multiplying Wind

Dash collects wind energy into his body, than begins to multply until he has 128 duplicates of himself. Than he surrounds the opponent and rushes in to attack them.

Ultimate Wind

Dash is surrounded by wind, then rams into the opponent.

Final Breeze

Dash collects wind power into his body, then rams the opponent into the air and shoots six wind darts at them. Than when the opponent starts to come back down Dash runs and rams through their body. First used against Carnotaurus.