This is about a group of new characters. The old characters make appearances in specials, and they look newer. This belongs to User:Loreofwings

Characters Edit

Jake Dinos Edit

Age: 12
Partner: Tyranno

Rash and unpredictable, he resembles Max Taylor, as they both love dinosaurs and want to be field paleontologists, and have low grades. He has a crush on Lily. His rival is Danny. He seems to suffer from arachnophobia (as seen when he saw a small spider crawling on the wall of his house). He also has the rare ability to communicate with dinosaurs, a power shared with Danny and Lily (to an extent).

Danny Paleos Edit

Age: 12
Partner: Tryce

Cool and collected, he resembles Rex Owen, and is very smart. Lily has a crush on him, and his rival is Jake. His partner is Tryce,a Triceratops. Like Jake, he can also communicate with prehistoric animals.

Lily MesoziEdit

Age: 12
Partner: Ranodo

Loud and cheery, she resembles Zoe, has a crush on Danny, and is an average student. Unlike the other two, she can only talk to the dinos she owns. Her partner is Ranodo, a Pteranodon.

Reese DrakeEdit

Age: 33
Partner: Sissy

Smart and calm, she is the mentor of the Powersaurs and the one who introduced them to the Dino-Activators.Her partner is an Isisaurus named Sissy.


Omega 4Edit

Will Noir

The Leader of the group, a powerful, dark, mysterious ruler who wants to steal the Dino-Activator's plans to make new ones that have the power to control all dinosaurs at the user's will. His partner is a Shade-attributed Velociraptor named Violence. His last name is Noir, which is "black" in French, befitting his Shade-attribute Dinosaur.He stole the simple version of the Dino-Activator,and copied it.

Cyndy Reap

Proud and aroggant,she resembles Ursula,and is the only female member of the group.She has a crush on Will,and often serves as his lieutenant.She is constantly called 'Granny' by Lily and the Powersaurs,and has a strong rivalry with Lily.Her partner is a Therizinosaurus named Grimm.

Sid Roophus

Slow and dull,he resembles Ed.He admits that he cannot turn on a computer by himself.His partner is Dim the Saurolophus.

Zac Roophus

Cunning and a cheater,he resembles Zander.He is Sid's older brother and the smarter one.He is usually the one to solve Sid's problms.His partner is Shot the Camarasaurus.