Dinosaur King:Prehistoric Adventure Edit

Allo Chibi

Allo/Big Al's chibi form

A Fanon story made by Therizinosaur

Episode 1: Fukui BattleEdit

Rex, Alpha Gang, Seth and Rex's parents have gone to the future. There, they buy a new time machine in order to check on their old friends. Meanwhile, the threat of Spectral Space Pirate has gone since the members apparently died in the space pod because they entered a black hole and surprisingly, Goma's transportation malfunctioned.

Meanwhile, in the present, Max and Zoe are now digging a newly founded Fukuisaurus and Fukuiraptor image in a dig site with Max's father. It seems that both dinosaurs presumably died because of battle and meanwhile, Rex's foster father (Dr.Owen) has found Supersaurus and Diplodocus (Seismosaurus in the Dinosaur King anime) at the same time and when he dig few more, he found a Pteranodon fossil (which is not of the same era and hinted and next dino appearance). More confusingly, Tupuxuara and Anhanguera fossils have found in South America and was found by Zoe's parents when on a trip to Brazil.

Back in the future, Rex, his parents and the Alpha Gang have already started going back in time. In the journey, Dr.Z altered the secret dinosaurs to be more friendly and alter the Therizinosaurus to able managing move of any element and has making move cards involving all of the elements.Finally the time machine reach present and the dino cards and move cards was send in a big capsules but now it's exploding and apparently more cards was also in there including prehistoric mammals and the cards scattered all over the world, apparently in the place they would be appropriate to be called monsters. Dr Z is mad and said "No, the cards had been scattered again!"

The D-Team and Alpha Gang's dinosaur cards go to their rightful owner and a 12-year-old boy got a Therizinosaurus card, move cards and a Dino Activator (a futuristic dinoholder made by Rex's dad and gives information about dinosaurs and more). Rex said "At least me, Zander, Ed and the old lady got the card saved." As usual, Ursula said "Who did you call an old lady!!!". The D-Team finally reunited again. Suddenly,a Fukuisaurus and Fukuiraptor appeared from an activated card.The D-team and Alpha Gang activated their dinosaur and the dinosaurs use their move cards: Shockwave, Volcano Burst, Dino Swing, Metal Wing, Lightning Strike and Ninja Attack. The attacks missed and Fukuisaurus use Inmerciful Garden (a new fanfic move cards) and the dinosaurs are on a garden while more dinosaurs and Pterosaurs appeared as they absorb the 6 dinosaurs and energy and put them on Fukuisaurus in form of green balls,the 6 dinosaurs also strangled in poisonous vines. Fukuiraptor uses Hypercane to send the dino flying.The 6 dinosaurs was weakened .Suddenly,the same boy appeared and it is revealed to be Jeff,Max's best friend and also his neighbourhood and said"Don't hurt the dinosaurs and Dino Slash!  Zino, fight those dinosaurs!"Max said,"Who's Zino?" Until a large Therizinosaurus appeared in front of him. Jeff said,"Finish them off with Element Assault!"Zino put them in fire,drown them in tsunami,electrocute them,shoot cannon of sharp rocks,strangle them in poisonous vines ,blow them in a tornado and shoot them with a rainbow coloured cannon.The dinosaurs turn back into cards and Jeff picks the Fukuisaurus card while Rex put the Fukuiraptor card in a case.The D-team recruit Jeff as new member while Alpha Gang send happy messages to Dr.Z.  Jeff test his new Fukuisaurus againts Paris to know his strength and Jeff loses when Paris defeats Fukuisaurus with Metal Wing.  Fukuisaurus were named Fufu and Fukuiraptor named Hurricane.

Episode 1 battleEdit

Spiny, Tank, Terry, Paris, Chomp, Ace vs. Zino vs.Fukuisaurus vs. FukuiraptorEdit

Zino and Jeff(now is in D-Team) wins

Fufu vs.Paris - Zoe and Paris wins

Episode 1 DinosaursEdit

Paris, Chomp, Ace, Spiny, Tank and Terry are still same as when the D-Team and Alpha Gang got them.

Fufu - Fufu is a female Fukuisaurus who is calm and is a pacifist (peace lover).

Hurricane - Hurricane has the same behavior as Ace and bites a lot, much like Chomp does. Hurricane is a Male Fukuiraptor.

Dinosaur herd- Consisting Supersaurus, Erlikosaurus, Ornithomimids, Diplodocus (Seismosaurus), Oviraptor.

Pterosaur flock-Consisting Pteranodon, Quetzalcoatlus, Anhanguera, Tupxuara.

Dinosaur herd and Pterosaur flock appeared in Unmerciful Garden move cards.

Zino - Zino's behaviour is similar to Chomp's. He is a Male Therizinosaurus and is Jeff's dino partner.

Episode 1 Move CardsEdit


Immerciful Garden-Absorb energy from other dinosaurs by sending flocks and herds of dinosaurs and pterosaurs.Also strangle enemy in poisonous vines.Used by Fukuisaurus,must be charged before being used.

Hypercane-Bring a super large tornado that send the dinosaur flying and stomp on them after the dinosaur has fall.Used by Fukuiraptor.

Element Assault:Attack enemy with Inferno,Tsunami,Lightning,Sharp Rocks,Poisonous Vines,Tornado and Rainbow Coloured Beam.The user turns purple and if it is used two times a row, the user will turn back to a card.  Used by Zino.

Old:Shockwave,Dino Swing,Lightning Strike,Volcano Burst,Metal Wing,Ninja Attack.

Episode 1 CharactersEdit

All D-Team member,Rex's parent,Alpha Gang,Jeff(as a new character),Zoe and Max's parents.

Episode 2-A Sea in A LakeEdit

Meena found a Deltadromeus card and go to D- Lab soon,Reese told that the D-Team and their parents are going to a trip to Loch Ness.Meena was accepted into D-Team soonly afterward and name the Deltadromeus,Danny.Meanwhile in the lake,Futabasaurus,Liopleurodon ,Elasmosaurus and also 4 Ophtalmosaurus were activated.the D-Team(3 original ones) and Alpha Gang used their 6 main dinosaurs but Liopleurodon uses tsunami that turned all their dinosaur to card.Meena uses Danny and Jeff uses Zino but Futabasaurus uses Futaba Mega Cannon and Jeff told mistakenly that Zino need to uses Element Assault twice resulting damaging heavily(not turning back into cards)the sea reptiles but makes Zino turn back into card.On the shore,Jeff said while founding something"Wow,a Quetzalcoatlus card and Meteor strike move cards".The Alpha Gang told that Jeff need to use this and answered"I know that Zander,Ed and the Old Lady."As usual Ursula go to rage while Jeff slash the Quetzalcoatlus card,Jeff told the Quetzalcoatlus to use Meteor Strike.Quetzalcoatlus shoot large meteor from it's crest and it fall straight for Loch Ness.The Meteor fall in a long time,giving opportunity for D-team,D-Team parents and Alpha Gang to teleport to D-Lab.Meanwhile the Meteor collide,making large explosion,killing trees in far away and draining the lake and making the sea reptiles return to their card.But Liopleruodon,before returning use Tsunami that returned the water back.Jeff teleport back and pick the cards.Jeff got Liopleurodon,Meena got Quetzalcoatlus,Max got Elasmosaurus,Rex got Opthalmosaurus and Zoe got Futabasaurus and also Meena named Quetzalcoatlus Montezuma.Then,Seth said that Meteor Strike could probably used to offend against Fire Scorcher and revealing him to be Dr.Z's Dinosaur Researcher.

Episode 2 battleEdit

Terry,Spiny,Tank,Chomp,Ace,Paris,Danny,Zino vs.Elm,Oppy,Oppo,Oppie,Oppry,Larry,Futa.Elm,Oppy,Oppo,Oppie,Oppry,Larry and Futa wins.

Quetzalcoatlus vs.The Sea Reptiles.Quetzalcoatlus/D-Team wins

Episode 2 DinosaursEdit

The main dinosaurs also appeared as well but there are few new ones:

Montezuma:Montezuma is a female Quetzalcoatlus with move Meteor Strike.Montezuma like flying around in D-Lab while in Chibi form.Montezuma is used a time by Jeff until he is given to Meena.

Danny:Danny is very protective toward Meena but sometimes behave nicely to other people who cares for him.Danny is a Male Deltadromeus that is seen before swimming with Meena,but now it is Meena's main dinosaur

Oppy,Oppo,Oppie,Oppry :The quints like to swim together and rely on each other,he is owned by Rex and like to swim in a newly built pool for sea reptiles near the D-Lab.

Futa:Futa is a very playful Male Futabasaurus that like playing with Paris,he also enjoy Paris singing .

Elm:Elm is a Female Elasmosaurus that Max own,she is wierdly got the same colouration and is hard to tell from a Muraenosaurus.

Larry:As a playful male Liopleurodon,Jeff sure to like him and he often use him to fend off enemy with it's Tsunami attack

Episode 2 Move cardsEdit

Ichtyo Toss-Not used but it is similar looking to Ocean Panic but it also involving in throwing the enemy and tossing it.

Plesio Cannon-Futaba mega cannon combined with Elasmo cannon created super cannon that push the enemy away.

Futaba Mega Cannon

Elasmo Cannon-Similar to Futaba Mega Cannon but the water is stronger and bigger.

Tsunami-Make whirlpools to drown swimming enemy and also attack enemy with Giant wave and also dragging the enemy into the deep water.

Meteor Strike-used by Montezuma,summon meteors and drain waters and probably could used to counter attack against Fire Scorcher.

Episode 2 charactersEdit

D-Team members,Alpha gang members,Mysterious man,Seth,Meena,D-Team's parents.

Episode 3-Mess in MuseumEdit

Dr.Spike Taylor is busy cleaning the whole new Giganotosaurus skeleton in the newly opened Dinosaur Museum,just in left side of D-Lab.Max,Rex,Jeff and Meena also go in there to see the museum before it is opened to the public.Max,Jeff and Rex's parents also stay in outside talking about good food recipe(of course in Max part is his mom since his dad are cleaning the skeleton)and demonstrate how to cook it.Max's mom said"Ostrich egg are good to be cooked and taste better." while looking at an unusual egg.Then,Alpha Gang(including Seth,Dr.Z ,Rod and Laura)see the museum to photograph it in order to identify the list of dinosaurs in there.But when Max's mom almost put the egg,D-Team,Alpha Gang and Spike shout saying"But that wasn't an Ostrich egg that was a dinosaur egg".Max's mom said"The moment has already past so just don't comment on this please."while putting the egg.Suddenly the card turn into a large Giganotosaurus in front of place it was activated.Zoe's parents come to help with the sedate gun but the Giganotosaurus chase everyone into near a door and use magma blaster to burn the front of D-Lab.Reese run away to the same place everyone was.Giganotosaurus use Pyro Explosion(there are more than one fanon move cards here started with pyro)that incinerate the place between Max's house and D-Lab and destroy the D-Lab(Luckily Reese got few useful things that was on there).Max open the door that let everyone(except Zoe which not appear yet and note that Futa the Futabasaurus that was owned by Zoe was borrowed by Rex for a while)inside the medium almost empty room,there there are vent(no window)and device that makes people see what's happening in the museum.The Giganotosaurus see the red Key and twisted it over,thinking it is a meat and throw it away in the museum when it know the thing was not a meat.Zoe which is busy watering the plants is soon gasped when he sees D-Lab is ruined and there are few marks about fire in there.The Giganotosaurus run away,picking the key and putting it to the river where the Giganotosaurus later escaped to a nearby forest.Zoe and Paris(in chibi form)run to the D-Lab and call for somebody else but no reply,thinking they must have been eaten by a creature while there are a fire nearby.Zoe dinoslashed Paris and call her to make a sound to the sound identifier in the room(The Other character was there),but due to the error,other people think it is Charonosaurus sound.Max said"Wow,there are lot of dinosaurs in this museum especially the living one".The trapped character(that has dinosaur)is ready to dinoslashed their dinosaurs but anyone else said it was not a good idea,then they turn it to the chibi form.Zoe called Paris to destroy the door and it's worked.Meanwhile,Three other dinosaur egg capsule was found and Dr.Spike pick 2 of them.When it is revealed,they were Carcharodontosaurus and Mapusaurus.Soon,the other were activated and Giganotosaurus also activated.Dr.Spike told everyone else(except Meena and Jeff)to put the fossils on their high-guard box that were in turn putted in Max's garden.Giganotosaurus use Pyro Incineration and both it and Pyroraptor make a super large fireball that was targetted at the character.Meena told Montezuma use Meteor Strike and Jeff told Zino and Larry to use Element assault and Tsunami.The attacks collide that make and explosion and the character deactivate the dinosaur and run to Max's house,fortunately they were on time.2 days later,Dr.Spike Taylor pick the Giganotosaurus and Pyroraptor card near a river and is shocked seeing near them is a very large hole.a week later,The D-Lab was remaded and the museum was finally opened to public.The new dinosaur was named:Gary,Cerato,May and Pyro.

Episode 3 BattleEdit

Larry,Zino,Montezuma,May,Cerato vs.Gary and Pyro:No winner,The D-team deactivate the dinosaur and run while Gary and Pyro turn back into card after the explosion.

Episode 3 DinosaursEdit

Few new dinosaurs appeared:

Cerato:Cerato like to running around and like to swim,oddly so because he is a Fire type Dinosaurs

May:She likes to listen on music,from radio to Paris's singing.

Gary:He hates in front of peoples because he likes to be alone,so he attacks any people that came into it's way.This personality was gone after it was in Spike's dinosaur team.

Pyro:He often protect Gary because he is a friend of him.

Episode 3 move cardsEdit

Pyro Explosion Summon Pyroraptor,the user and Pyroraptor shoot giant fireballs.

Pyro Incineration.Also summon Pyroraptor.

Magma Blaster.

Episode 4-Darkness Destructions.Edit

In space,Goma has planned with his new Carcharodontosaurus with darkness moves to destroy the Solar system in order to move it's energy to the planet Goma lived.Meena apparently has been on duty to taking care of the D-Lab,so she and Reese must in there while the D-Team and the Alpha Gang is going on a vacation.Meanwhile in Bali,An Edmontosaurus card has been knocked out to a coconut tree and is activated.Then, an Anatotitan card also activated and the two hadrosaurs that seems to know each other hugs and the Edmontosaurus which is revealed to male and the Anatotitan which revealed to be female go to the beach and the two lay together in the sand,staring at the beautiful sight.The D-Team arrived in the hotel and the car noise disturb the dinosaur couple who soons use Stomping Hammer but fails.Max soons angered due to the fact the Anatotitan almost crush him and soon dinoslashed Chomp.Chomp then use Lightning Strike but the Edmontosaurus use Deflect that deflect the attack and knock out Chomp.Max's dad try to counterattack with Gary that use Meteor strike that makes him attack like fire bomb but makes bigger damage.The Anatotitan cried over injured Edmontosaurus and Rex said it looks like a drama movie with an old lady in it.Ursula soons get angry and accidentally throwed the Fire Scorcher to the Dr.Spike Taylor's dinoholder making the both moves combine.The moves create an Asteroid Blast that makes the D-Team hide in the hotel.Goma comes and summon Carcharodontosaurus that use Darkness Blast to Gary.A Pinacosaurus card is soon activated and the shy ankylosaurid(called Pineconesaurus by Zoe)hide below the Edmontosaurus.Anatotitan uses Tree Protect that bring the three dinosaurs in a Green Orb,covered with poisounous spikes and vines.Goma controlled Gary that uses Darkness Blast near the D-Team.The D-Team summon their dinosaurs but all of them got sleep because being hitten of Sleeping Cannon.Gary breaks out of the control and ise Darkness Blast many times that wakes the D-team dinosaurs.Gary uses Solar Eclipse to blind Carcharodontosaurus and turn it into card.Gary uses Asteroid Blast to the hotel,turning the three dinosaurs into card,destroying the hotels and forcing the D-team to go away.After a long vacation(Approximately 2 weeks)the D-Team go home(The hotel was repaired by Revive move used by Anatotitan).And names the dinosaurs:Annie,Ernie and Pineapple and the hadrosaurs are claimed by Zoe and Dr.Spike got the Pinacosaurus.

Episode 4 battlesEdit

D-Team dinosaurs vs.Anny,Ernie,Pineapple vs.Carcharodontosaurus

D-Team and Gary wins

Episode 4 Move CardsEdit

Revive-return things to what it was before

Tree Protect-Hide the dino in a Green Orb that was placed in Giant trees,covered in poisonous plants.

Tail Smash

Sleeping Cannon-Makes enemy sleep

Solar Eclipse-Blind enemies

Arnie's Image


Ernies's Image

  Darkness blast-Shooting cannon of Black Orbs.

Asteroid Blast-Meteor Strike +Fire Scorcher

Episode 4 DinosaursEdit

Annie -The Female couple

Ernie-The Male couple

Pineapple-A shy timid Pinacosaurus who wants to be protected soon from dangers.



Episode 5:The Dancing DragonEdit

The D-Team expect that the next dinosaur appearence is in Bali again,so they take a trip there and stay at a good hotel.Meanwhile,2 Saurolophus,2 Lambeosaurus,a Daspletosaurus,an Edmontonia,a Maiasaura ,an Einiosaurus and a Styracosaurus card washed from different world location to the beach.The D-Team,Alpha Gang and the D-Team parents are lucky that the night they are in the hotel is a very large thunderstorm that blow off plants,making small fires and there are many lightning strikes,all of this activated the dinosaurs.The Styracosaurus was in stress due to the Alpha Gang control him last time and start to rampage.The next day,there are reports of dragon sighting everywhere in the island.Max found the Daspletosaurus and confront him on 1-1 battle.Max uses Chomp and it disturb the Daspletosaurus dancing,forcing him to do Fire Bomb that Chomp counterattack using his tail and the Daspletosaurus knock an Edmontonia.Ed uses Tank to attack Edmontonia with Earthquake,but Edmontonia uses Seismo Crush that give Tank much damage.Daspletosaurus uses Flare Sword to attack Tank but Tank uses Earth Barrier that makes it attacks Edmontonia,turning it into card before it suceed to uses Spike Arrows.Ed pick the card and go back to the hotel.Rex and Zoe activated Ace and Paris,using Ninja Attack and Metal Wing to attack the Daspletosaurus.Daspletosaurus uses Volcano Storm that disturbs activated dinosaurs and damaging the three main dinosaurs.Jeff activated Fufu that attack using Immerciful Garden to attack Daspletosaurus.Daspletosaurus suddenly shoot a red cannon and Fufu shoot green cannon.The attacks doesn't do any damage ,Fufu turn back into card but Daspletosaurus changed colour and became stronger.Jeff activated Zino that uses Element Assault and Pterosaur Assault(experimenting on Element Assault and Immerciful Garden)and suceed to turn Daspletosaurus into card,which is picked up by Max's dad.Einiosaurus super charged Styracosaurus with Electric Charge to destroy the local electrical power source.The two ceratopsian suceed and in process,turning the hadrosaurs into card.Maiasaura picked by Zoe,green Saurolophus by Reese,Orange Saurolophus by Zander,Lambeosaurus by Jeff.Chomp befriend the two ceratopsian and the three turned back into card.The D-team and Alpha Gang go back to their home which is unfriendly welcomed with Goma,who has founded the Alpha Acrocanthosaurus card.Rex uses Ace that uses Hypercane and in process,defeating the Acrocanthosaurus.Dr.Z experiment the Daspletosaurus and Acrocanthosaurus to be back to their normal form.Reese ask about Meena that isn't coming and Max replied she has going back to her palace.Three dinosaurs have been captured but the D-Team keep it a secret...for now......

Episode 5 battlesEdit

Styracosaurus,Maiasaura,Lambeosaurus,Einiosaurus,Edmontonia,Daspletosaurus,Saurolophus vs.Paris,Ace,Chomp,Fufu,Zino,Tank

D-Team and Alpha Gang wins

Acrocanthosaurus vs.Ace D-Team and Ace wins

Episode 5 new dinosaursEdit


2 Saurolophus,Maiasaura,Lambeosaurus-Sarah,Carl,Maia,Louie,Louis



Acrocanthosaurus-obtained after it's defeat.Still griefing of the 2 Acrocanthosaurus fossil which is sended to D-Lab but is often calmed by the Daspletosaurus.His name is Canth.

Orodromeus-Captured off screen,defeated when Paris whacked Ornie(it's name)with her tail

Troodon-Trudy-Captured off screen,defeated when  Terry used Fire Cannon.

Gust-Agustinia-Captured off screen,defeated when Ace used Ultimate Wind.

Episode 5 move cardsEdit

Fungus Strangle-Orodromeus

Geyser Blow-Troodon

Pterosaur Assault-Zino

Flare Sword,Fire Bomb,Volcano Storm-Darren

Fire Cannon-Canth

Seismo Crush,Spike Arrows-Edmonton

Electric Charge,Lightning Strike,Thunderstorm Blast-Sammy,Einio

Nature's Blessing,Protect,Egg Attack,Leaf Cannon,Green Impulse,Thorn Whip-2 Saurolophus,Lambeosaurus,Maiasaura

Mega Gust-Gust

Episode 6:Ghost of the Gobi DesertEdit

"When he mistakenly use mating call on a Saurophaganax,he then was attacked and after few days he died".Dr.Spike tells about Big Al story when the Museum near D-Lab was opened and Big Al's skeleton who was first borrowed by Dr.Owen but Dr. Owen tells Dr.Spike to place it in D-Museum.Rex said"That's one long dinosaur story".Zoe see the Dinoholder is beeping and she alone goes to D-Lab and teleport to Gobi Desert.Meanwhile,in the desert an egg capsule is activated by a wind and unleashed an Allosaurus but it looks weirder than usual.Jeff then teleport and said"I should tell Rex's parent first".After Dr.Ancient tells that he bring back Big Al and tells Dr.Owen's secret that he's not borrow it and it was a replica,Max see(thanks to Dr.Z new succesful invention)the real skeleton suddenly destroy itself.Zoe unleashed Paris and it's succesfully deal few damage by using metal wing.The Allosaurus suddenly uses many wind attack at same time and Jeff tell Zoe that the Allosaurus was one of the Element Master.The Allosaurus bring D-Team,D-Team's parents and Alpha Gang vision to tell them his brutal past.However,Dr.Z summon Terry and the T.Rex quickly uses Fire Scorcher but eventually Allosaurus use Eclipse and blinded Terry and then quickly defeating him.Dr.Spike uses Canth but suddenly Allosaurus reveal his past from hatching to the time he is battling now.Goma appear and he is now going to alter the Allosaurus and he summon Eocarcharia with the armor.Allosaurus combine all his moves and use Extinction that suddenly makes all dinosaur faints.Jeff see he has broken bone and tells the Allosaurus that he will treat him.The Wind Master turn himself into the baby or"cute"version of himself and with Zoe's parents treating him in a few days he recovers and is better not to used in battles.Goma suddenly appeared and said"I'll go here to hunt the Element Master that could bring power to my planet and destroy your world plus taking all of it resourced".he then goes away with astonisinghly two more Acrocanthosaurus.Dr.Spike notice the two skeleton Acrocanthosaurus is missing and Max said that Goma may steal revive them.

Episode 6 battlesEdit

Big Al vs.D-Team and Alpha Gang dinosaur vs.Eocarcharia. Big Al is the winner.

Allo Chibi

Allo/Big Al's Chibi form

Episode 6 DinosaursEdit

Big Al-As one of the Element Masters,he could use all wind moves without move cards and he could use few non-wind moves such as Eclipse.  Apparently the Ancients altered few dinosaurs to be Element Masters as guard to other dinosaur and people

Allosaurus going to return to chibi form without Dinoholder use

s,the altering place and time is unknown because it is a secret for now.

Episode 6 move cardsEdit

none but Extinction,Eclipse,Ability to make opponent doesn't attack(by reminding them of the opponent and fighter's past to the opponent) and all wind moves could be used without move cards via Allosaurus.

Episode 7-Blowin' OutEdit

Going to the Sonoran Desert for an Abelisaurus call, Rex and Ace rush there.  Sending out Hurricane, Rex sees the Abelisaurus rampaging, whaich is the 3rd Element Master seen.  Hurricane used Ninja Attack, but the Abelisaurus used Solarbeam, defeating Hurricane.  Then Rex used Ace, who used Cyclone. But the Abelisaurus used Tornado, defeating Ace.  Finally Rex used Gust(an element master and a special dino)who used Mega Gust, defeating the Abelisaurus.  Making sure Ace is okay, Rex summons Ace in chibi form. Since Ace nodded, Rex said that the Abelisaurus is caught(and Ace is okay).

Episode 7 BattlesEdit

Abelisaurus vs. Rex, Hurricane, Ace, and Gust.  The winner is Rex, Gust, Ace, and Hurricane.

Episode 7 DinosaursEdit

Abelisaurus-[Beli ] -Beli bites Rex a lot.  Beli is a female Abelisaurus.

Apatosaurus-Pato  - Caught off screen because Pato let Zoe catch him.  Pato likes to hear Paris sing.  Pato is a male Apatosaurus.

Episode 7 move cardsEdit

Solarbeam: I copied it from Pokemon.  Has the same effect and power as in Pokemon.


Tornado:  Similar to Cyclone, but stronger.  First used in Element Asssault by Zino.

Mega Gust-Cyclone + Tornado + Mega Gust.

Season 2Edit

Episode 8-A Wooly ProblemEdit

Knowing there are prehistoric mammals scattered around the globe as well as the dinosaurs, Dr.Z and Rex travel to Seoul for a Wooly Mammoth call.  They see Max and the rest of the D-Team and the Alpha Gang(except Jeff).  Reese finds another Green Saurolophus fighting the Wooly Mammoth and loses, turning into a card.  Reese picks up that Green Saurolophus, but a Dracorex card fell into Dr.Z's hand and the Wooly Mammoth gets angry, so angry that he uses Anger, using Electric Charge.  As Ace comes out, 2 seconds later, he turned into a card.  Rex said, "Gust, it's your turn!" "Dino Slash!"  Gust comes out and uses Mega Gust.  The Wooly Mammoth turns into a card with an Ice stone and an Anger move card.  "Who will get the Ice stone and the Anger card?" asked Rex.  Reese saw that the second Green Saurolophus had an Ice element, as it's the second Special Dinosaur owned, then Reese said, "Me." Then Rex said, "Okay." and he handed the Ice stone and the Anger card to Reese.

Episode 8 battlesEdit

Green Saurolophus vs.Wooly Mammoth   Wooly Mammoth won.

Wooly Mammoth vs Ace   Wooly Mammoth won.

Wooly Mammoth vs Gust   Gust won.

Episode 8 Prehistoric CreaturesEdit


Wild Pachycephalosaurus 1

Full-grown Draco.

Sauro-Green Saurolophus


Mammy-Wooly Mammoth

Gond-Gondwanatitan-Caught offscreen when Zino used Element Assualt.

Episode 8 move cardsEdit