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A story that happened shortly after Rex,his family,and Alpha gang goes to the future.Seth sided with Rex's family,but Dr.Z and Alpha Gang betrays them.This fanon is made by Therizinosaur.


Dr.Z sit in his personal chair as the ship travels through time."No,i don't need to have all prehistoric creature to be the Dinosaur King,i just need the power.Now i had it,my plans on making my ultimate dinosaur".said Dr.Z after evil laughing.

"Zander,summon a Pinacosaurus to attack them quickly".command Dr.Z to Zander."Why don't you summon the Concavenator,it's scarier you know".reply Zander,Dr.Z as usual told him about weight problem of the dinosaurs.

Meanwhile,Rex and his parents is looking at the elemental stones and the cards.Dr.Ancient told Rex that the cards that the D-Team collects all the year was only few of the actual numbers and that not just mesozoic animals that is available as card.Jonathan is commanding, other robots to pack the prehistoric creature card,card summoner,move card,and elemental stone in a case so that they can be safe in the travel and in the reserve they are going to be released.It also can be seen,some other robots packing cards from non-mesozoic creature such as Uintatherium,Indricotherium,Edaphosaurus,and Arthopleura.

Suddenly a Pinacosaurus appear and roar at the robots,finish at packing the cards and other thing.The robot was quickly destroyed to pieces while the remaining seek for cover.Rex,in his experience that grass dinosaur is better than earth dinosaur and because of that,picked a random grass packing without seeing the name bar.

As Rex is about to swipe the card,Rex's parent,all of the robots including Helga and Jonathan,and Dr.Z and the Alpha gang travels to the escape pod that leads to the present time.As Rex swipe the card,a Seismosaurus(which supposed to be a grass type diplodocus)appears and it's weight makes the ship falls.The two dinosaurs were returned by their owners as cards.

The ship explodes,the escape pod breaks,Rex and the Alpha Gang took cards.Rex got Chomp,Paris,and Ace with Electric Charge,Cyclone,and Nature's Blessing.Alpha gang got Terry,Tank,Volcano burst,Dino Swing,and accidentally Utahraptor and Ninja attack instead of Spiny and Shockwave.All of the passenger was separated and the cards separated within space and time.Will it be too late for the D-Team to stop Dr.Z to create the Ultimate Dinosaur.Find out yourself in the episodes.

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Episode 1