Enter the Scythe Claws,Fend the Alpha Gang!!!Edit

Before the openingEdit

Rex fell from a portal and laid unconscious.Max found him and take Rex to his bed.Meanwhile,a kid is shown buying an egg-like container in a toy shop.As the kid walked away,the opening begin.

After the openingEdit

Rex told about his experience in the timeship and said that he got Chomp,Ace,and Paris.Back in the kids house,the kid opened the container and found what seems to be a trading card,he tried to slashed the card and a silhoutte of chibi dinosaur appears.

Max and his friends is in school,it is pet day and the D-Team brings the dinosaur in the chibi form.It seems that the day was just normal as many of the kids bring cats and dogs and some bring tortoise and goldfish,until"Nick,where are your pet".said the teacher. Nick walked with a rather odd animal below him.The teacher shocked at the appearance.

The others laughed while the D-Team suspected that Tom may have a dinosaur.When lunch break begin,Nick returned the dinosaur to the card and begin to eat.Dr.Z sent Ursula,Zander,and Ed to find a dinosaurs that was detected to be in Japan.The planes that they ride,explode(due to Dr.Z's failure in inventions)and the three landed with paracute to Max's school.

In the school,Tom try to slash in a different way and a Therizinosaurus appeared,and it runs away while Nick chase it.Rex found a large footprint near their classes and track it,it leads to a Therizinosaurus standing in a hallway.The D-Team summon their dinosaur and try to armor it,but since their power is lost since the last accident,they have to fight it with basic power.

The Alpha Gang appeared and summon their dinosaurs while Nick appeared just in time to found Therizinosaurus.Nick knows that the card showing dinosaurs attacking means that it will aid them,he slashed the "abandoned"Elemental Claw move card.

The Therizinosaurus begans to spin,sending Terry to mid-air,his claw glow similar to rainbow and slashed Terry,sending the Tyrannosaurus falling and hitting Utahraptor and sending both of them into cards.Tank used Dino Swing to the already tired Therizinosaurus,turning him into a card.

Nick picked the cards and due to the cards already stolen,Alpha Gang retreats.In the afternoon(sky is red-orange),Nick joined the D-Team and the kids soon depart.

After ending,near the episode's endEdit

A kid is telling his mom that there were a unicorn in the city.The mom telled that unicorn doesn't exist.Suddenly, the both runs away as vines strapped many building and a single horned dinosaur was showed roaring in the background as the statue of liberty is strapped in vines.