The chapter starts with the explanation about Al's Dino Holder. The D-team called it Ultimate Holder since it could activate each and every Element of Dinosaurs. The Ultimate Holder itself is made of 6 parts: a lighter (to summon Fire), two charged poles (to summon Lightning), a mini-fan (to summon Wind), a real grass with a freshener to keep it from rotting (to summon Grass), a rock (to summon Earth), and the water purifier that creates water through oxygen and hydrogen in the air (to summon Water). Reese then made a copy of the Ultimate Holder with smaller size and faster scanner for the whole Team.

She then made Empty Cards and used them on Post-Mesozoic animal bones, creating Smilodon, Megatherium, Cynognathus, and Uintatherium Cards. She gave them to Al, Zoe, Rex, and Max, respectively. The four then Mammo-Slashed their new Mammals. But then their Holders beeped and they start their first mission, seeing a raging Amargasaurus in a village in Patagonia.


No battle is displayed in this chapter.


  • The Ultimate Holder had a gap near the Slashing gap, where a D-Fender chip can be put on later in the series.
  • Smilodon's element is Fire, Megatherium's is Grass, Cynognathus' is Wind, and Uintatherium's is Lightning. Neither of them were dinosaurs, instead they were all Mammals.
  • The Empty Cards later took an important role in this series.