The chapter starts with the next part of the previous chapter, where the boy came towards the Team.

The Team realized that the boy might have experienced more than them. But just then the boy thanked Rex for bringing Claws back to him. Rex managed to get back to his senses and asked the boy about where he knew Claws from. The boy only answered short that Claws was his best friend and is a brother of his sister's dinosaur.

Max then asked about the Move Claws had, but then a Fire dinosaur was activated by a cigarette that wasn't exactly off yet. Rex was a bout to call out Ace, but the boy moved quicker and called Claws out. The boy activated an attack new to the Team, a Natural Strike, beating the Fire dinosaur in a single attack.

Later, it's revealed that the boy's name is Al, he found Claws near his school in his Egg, and Claws' Move was Death Sickles which is a new type of a card too, called Special Move Cards. These Cards can only be used by certain family type of dinosaur like Dromaeosaird, Tyrannosaurid, etc..

The three then agreed to let Al join the D Team.


Deinonychus (Claws) versus Tarbosaurus (Later named Jet)Edit

A Tarbosaurus appeared. Rex was about to call out Ace but Al called Claws out first. Al simply told Claws to do a Natural Strike, Bladely Sickles. The Tarbosaurus had no chance to do nothing since Claws ran so fast and 'through' him. But then two slash scars emerged from the Tarbosaurus. He is turned into Card at once.

Deinonychus (Claws) wins!


  • The Special Move Cards aren't always used by certain types of dinosaurs through its Familia classification. Sometimes it used the 'type' like Sauropods, Pterasaurus, etc..
  • Special Move Cards can be used by any dinosaur as long as the classification requirement clicks.
  • Chomp actually had a Natural Strike, but it's not named. He first used it to defeat Saltasaurus. It is later named Thunder Throw in this series.