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It's 5 years since Rex returned to his time. He's now 17, and just won a Know-It-All Challenge, and for it he had a personal lab. He Dino Slashed Ace in his chibi form, chatting for a while. But then his Computer told him that Dr. Z needed him. So he turned Ace back to card and went off to meet him.

Dr. Z said that they need to return to Max's time. Rex was surprised, but gained his senses quick. He suggested to go to when Max and Zoe are 17. Dr. Z areed and used the mineral he found as the fuel to the Time Machine.

But whenRex is about to leave, a Deinonychus bit his legs gently, talking through Rex's Dino Holder. He said his name was Claws, and he insisted to come. Rex agreed to take him aboard.

The chapter ends with Rex going back to the past.

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No battle is displayed in this chapter.

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User blog:Sanguinoraptor/Chapter One: Time to Return!