Chapter three is the shortest chapter written so far.

The chapter starts with the three Dino Slashing their dinosaurs in the backyard as a mark of their reunion. but in the middle of the fun, Dr. Z came down the ship and explained the new task to the D-Team that a new alien race is after a mineral that the dinosaurs used to guard instinctively. But while the D-Team talked on, Claws teh Deinonychus left them and waited on the roadside with a disguise as a stray dog.

But when the D-Team looked for him, a boy already noticed Claws and greet him!

The Team is surprised for the boy who they don't know at all seemed to know Claws so well.

The chapter ends with the boy walked towards the Team.


No battle is displayed in this chapter.


  • In the game, Deinonychus is a Secret Type dinosaur. In this series, it's a Wind instead.
  • Being a stray dog is the disguise made by Spike Taylor to hide the truth about Chomp is a Triceratops in the Episode 1 of the TV Series. Spike said that Chomp is a dog they found on the streets and he kept following Max home.