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The chapter starts with a Collectible Card Game battle between Max and his friend, John. John is at the losing position, but later he can defeat one of Max's dinosaur though finally Max still won the fight.

The rules and the how-to-play of the Collectible Dinosaur Card Game is based on the Dinosuar King TCG, only with some changes, like the Lightning Spear Move is for Rock Lightning dinosaur -- instead of Paper -- in this story)

After the school time, Max felt too tired and bored to go straight home. So just for fun, he visited Reese's lab. Zoe came later.

It is revealed that it's Reese who created the Collectible Cards. She said its aim is to train Max's logical thinking and strategies. Max don't actually care about this, but apparently it does trained Max's logic. The proof is told earlier in the chapter:

"It is known by every Dinosaur Card dueler in the school that when Max is angry, he can still think straight and set triumph in 10 turns, more or less."

When Reese told them that she found some activities around the sky that she suspected as another time machine, suddenly they saw a meteorite coming from the sky.

It's actually a Spectral Space Pirates' Ship.

Max is already mad when the ship came, but apparently when the door is opened, it's Rex who came!

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No battle is displayed in this chapter.

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User blog:Sanguinoraptor/Chapter Two: It's Rex!