The D-Team is back but this time, they don't have Rex around to help. A new villainous bad guy gang has arrived: They are called the Jade Guys, a name that doesn't make sense. But they plan to use dinosaurs to find some star-like crystals so they can conquer the world. Well, these guys steal Zoe and the adults as well as Paris, forcing Max and Chomp to go to the USA with the Alpha Gang and save them. Upon arrival in the Everglades, Max and Chomp meet up with 4 talking animals:

Albott, an alligator who's 50% smart and 50% dumb,

Eddy, an eagle who's really smart and gets annoyed with the actions of Albott the alligator,

Brandon: A Burmese python who is always cautious about everything dangerous that the D-Team is doing,

and Alice, a female alligator who's willing to do everything.

With these friends, Max is able to rescue Zoe, but only because the bad guys found her useless in the search for some crystal-like stars, so they threw her overboard from a gigantic height on their ship. Max catches her but Zoe is unconscious from some torture the bad guys gave her. When she does wake up at night, she meets the animals who secretly start to believe that Zoe and Max are in a romantic relationship. Well, with these animals around to help, Max, Zoe, and their dinosaurs must now work together to rescue their parents once more.



Max: Well, he's back on a new adventure. But this time, it's all through the USA and Canada.

Zoe: This tough gal once again shows off her strength. And rumor among the animals has it that she's got a crush on Max. But is it true? Only time will tell...

Albott: This alligator is just an ordinary alligator, other than the fact that he's dumber than almost all other alligators in the world. However, he's also 50% smarter than a normal alligator, and he always comes up with really great ideas that are the best out of any sticky situation, although they don't always go as planned. If Zoe yells at him, he literally cracks up. Unlike other alligators, he prefers the High Walk over the "Belly Crawl" but everytime he tries to run using the High walk, he trips and crashes to the ground then yells "STUPID LEGS!!!!" So when he runs, he must use the "galloping" technique to keep up.

Eddy: A bald eagle, the National Bird of the United States of America. He's 100% smarter than an ordinary Bald eagle, and is 70% smarter than Albott, and is also more serious. He and Albott have a hard time getting along thanks to this; they fight alot and don't really like each other alot. However, they still care about each other, and are always willing to risk their lives to save the other if one of them gets into serious danger.

Brandon: A Burmese python. He's always unwilling to participate in really dangerous activities. He's more gentle than the other animals, and prefers to use talking to get out of sticky situations, although it doesn't always work.

Alice: A female alligator. She's more violent than the other animals or even Zoe. But she has a hard time dealing with "Sweet Mushy Stuff'.

The Jade-GuysEdit

Coming Soon...

Episode 1: A new journeyEdit

The episode begins with Max and Zoe lying down on the grass in the backyard gazing at the clouds. Finally Zoe sighs and confesses that she's bored, then sits up. Max also sits up and admits he's also bored. Suddenly, a spaceship appears from the sky. Then a door opens and a weird hippie-looking pirate appears. When asked who he is, he announces that his name is Jaldithas and says this: "And I am the leader of a gang of pirates known as THE JADE GUYS!!!!" But Max and Zoe get confused because the name makes no sense, in fact, Zoe even asks "What kind of a name is that?"

Jaldithas replies that there will be time for silly questions later and orders the other pirates on board to suck up Max's own house so they can have the Drakes, which they do. Zoe's parents were inside talking to Max's parents, so Max's parents also get sucked up. Jaldithas isn't happy to hear that Max's parents got sucked up as they were only intending to take Zoe's parents, but upon hearing from the minion that sucked up the house that both could help them with their quest for the star-like crystals, he reluctantly goes along with it.

Then he grabs Paris with a long-mechanical claw, which Zoe calls unfair. Not wanting a young girl to tell him what's not fair, he grabs her with his arms and takes her yup to his ship, despite her struggles to get free. Max gets upset, but before he can do anything, Jaldithas enters the ship, then says "If you want your girl back, then meet me at the Everglades!! Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!" and departs afterwards. Max becomes worried for not just his parents, but also Zoe and her parents. But with no ship to travel to the Everglades and no money to buy an airplane ticket, he's forced to turn to the Alpha Gang for help.

Despite their rivalry, Doctor Z allows Max to travel with the Alpha Gang as they were going to the Everglades themselves. Upon arrival, Max is eager to jump off and sky dive to the ground, but Dr. Z wants to wait until they find dry land, as he doesn't want to get his new lab coat wet. Max however, doesn't want to wait, so Dr. Z reluctantly allows him and Chomp to do what Max wanted to do. Max thanks the doctor, then jumps out of the aircraft parachuting to the ground along with Chomp. Dr. Z then reveals to the others that he only wanted to work together with Max and help him out.

Meanwhile, Max and Chomp successfully land and start searching for evidence of The Jade Guys. But they find none, causing Max to suspect that they arrived too early. Up in the sky, his suspicions are proven correct because the Jade Guys are still going to the Everglades. One of the pirates tells Jaldithas that Max and Chomp have already made it, causing Jaldithas to get angry. He orders the guy to hurry up and make it, then heads over to Zoe. He starts asking her about the jewels but she doesn't know what he's talking about. As a result, he punches her in the stomach. When she screams in pain, Jaldithas threatens to hurt her even more if she doesn't tell him where the crystal is. But she really doesn't know so the screen scrolls to her side because he twists her belly. Zoe screams in big pain and tries to fight back but can't because her arms and legs are tied to some hooks on a wall. The guy eventually lets go and once he does, the camera goes back to the scene.

Jaldithas threatens her again and demands that he know where the crystals are located. Finally unable to take it anymore Zoe yells "I TOLD YOU: I DON'T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" At that point, the pirate punches her in the forehead causing her brain damage and the attack also causes her to go unconscious. Jaldithas decides that Zoe is useless and demands that she will be thrown overboard the moment they arrive at the Everglades. The other pirates agree with their leader and go along with it.

That night, Max and Chomp have set up camp near a swamp. Suddenly, Max feels like they're being watched, but can't find anything. So he and Chomp decide that there isn't anything to worry about and go to sleep. But what he doesn't realize is that they are being watched: by an American alligator! The alligator sneaks up on the sleeping Max and Chomp, then says "Who on Earth would camp out in the middle of the swamp?" Suddenly, Max starts rolling around in his sleep yelling, "No Grandma, please don't take away my ammonite fossil, I'll... I'll be a good kid!!!" The alligator's relieved that he's still asleep, and prepares to steal the chicken. ("Whew! I'm glad he's still asleep. Now to steal some chicken!") But just when he's about to grab the chicken, Max wakes up from his nightmare. Then he spots the alligator, and upon seeing each other, they scream and run away from each other. Eventually, they both hide behind trees. Max eventually says "Hi" to the alligator, who says "Hi" back, revealing his ability to speak the human language. This surprises Max because he thought only parrots and humans as well as Hoover the Seal could speak human language. The gator's response is "Maybe I learned to do it form how you did: Momma, Daddy. Oh, I don't know. I just know how to do it, alright end of story!" Hearing this, Max allows the alligator to have the chicken, then Max falls asleep with the gator on top. But Max pushes it aside and says "Look, I need some space pal" only for the alligator to respond "My name's not Pal, it's Albott! A-l-b-o-t-t! Albott!" Max apologizes and goes back to sleep. ("Oh, sorry Albott. I just needed some space. That's all, good night!") Once he does, Albott asks "What's your name?" but Max doesn't respond, leaving the alligator puzzled. ("Weird; humans don't usually fall asleep that fast") But he decides to just let it go ("Oh well. It can't be helped") and goes to sleep.

The next day, Max, Chomp, and Albott awaken to a gentle morning. Then Albott asks "So, why are ya here?" Max tells him the whole situation. Albott then goes "Oh, that sucks, having some pirates stealing your parents and your friends is really bad. Can I please help?" Max agrees to have him join, even though he's not sure how helpful Albott will be. ("Well, I'm not sure I can trust you enough, but welcome to the D-Team anyway!") Albott then goes "Does D stand for danger? Or something else?" Before Max can respond, the ship appears in the sky. Albott says "Does that ship belong to the pirates that stole your family and friends?" Max nods. Then a screen showing Jaldithas appears. Jaldithas reveals that Max can have Zoe (But refers to her as "your friend") When Max asks why, he replies "Because she proved to be too useless for us!!!" Then he orders the others that it's time for her and Paris to be dropped from the ship at the highest height, which they do. Max sees what's going on and runs to catch Zoe. At first, he's not fast enough, but then Albott tells him to try using a tree as support, which he does. Zoe keeps on falling until eventually, Max jumps up and catches her in his arms. Paris, on the other hand, lands on Albott's back. Then Jaldithas leaves with the screen without any more details. Max gets really worried about Zoe when he finds out that several injuries Jaldithas gave her caused her to go unconscious.

Albott suggests that they look after her and keep her safe until she recovers. Max agrees and continues to carry Zoe in his arms for a long time while he, Chomp, Paris, and Albott start searching for another camp site. While they're doing that, Albott starts talking about his life story:

He was born in a nest that had a clutch of 31 eggs. He hatched 3 days earlier than his sisters (He was the only male born in the nest) because a raccoon had taken off with his egg and punctured a big hole in the shell. Luckily, his mother came just in time to save him, which she did. But thanks to the hole, he hatched really quickly. But when he did, his instinct was to go to the nest, but he quickly saw that it was way too far but the water was closer so that was where he went instead. Then after a few minutes swimming, he saw two people talking....

Suddenly, he remembered how he learned to speak human language: He mimicked the voices of the people!!! Max is shocked by this news, but they found the perfect camping site: a dried-up riverbed. "Good thing it's only February," said Albott, "Because otherwise, we'd all be soaking wet from the water". Max sees his point, so they set up camp on the riverbed and Max finally puts Zoe down. That night, Max and Albott desperately try hard to help Zoe regain consciousness. Albott discovers that she's breathing by putting his ear on her chest. Max and Albott, as well as Chomp and Paris, get tired soon after this discovery, so Max falls asleep with his belly on top of Zoe's belly while Albott, Chomp, and Paris sleep with each other.

The next morning, all of the D-Team except for Albott and Zoe wake up very early, and Max is still worried about Zoe, alot more than he ever was about her before.. A hungry Florida Panther, a subspecies of Cougar or Mountain Lion, suddenly appears. Obviously, it wants to eat Zoe's seemingly dead body. Max, Chomp, and Paris don't see the panther, nor does Albott. The first to see it is a black bear who also wants the "carcass". The panther and bear fight, but Max, Chomp, and Paris don't hear it. While Max tries hard to restore Zoe's consciousness, the black bear retreats, and the panther hisses in victory... until it finds out that a pair of coyotes and their pups also want Zoe's "carcass". And the coyotes aren't alone: they have the whole family with them: 3 adults and 5 teenagers. The cougar is outnumbered but determined not to give up what it thinks is Zoe's carcass. It manages to kill one adult with a swipe of it's paw and drive away 2 teenage coyotes with a hiss and a charge, but the battle continues.

Meanwhile, Zoe finally opens her eyes. Upon awakening, she first sees Max who asks her if she's all right. Zoe gets shocked, her yelp causing the coyotes to finally retreat because they realize that she's not dead. The panther however, continues hissing, not realizing that fact itself. Zoe asks Max how he got on the ship only for him to reveal that they aren't on the ship. Zoe is confused at first and gets even more confused when she sees cypress trees around her. ("What are you talking about... Hey! Where are we? Why are there thousands of Cypress trees all around us?") Max reveals that they're in the everglades, unaware that the panther has over heard the conversation and is now creeping up on them just to kill and eat Zoe.

Zoe is confused as to how she got out of the ship until Max reveals that Jaldithas found her useless when it came to searching for the crystals so while she was unconscious, his minions threw her overboard from a really tall height. Zoe gets mad upon hearing that and vows to get revenge on them for doing so. Then Albott wakes up and asks Max if Zoe was the girl he was looking for. Max nods to Albott and Zoe is shocked to see a talking alligator. Albott then says "If you think seeing a talking alligator is shocking, then next thing you'll know, you'll be attacked by a Florida Panther or Mountain Lion". Max and Zoe both reply in unison "What makes you think we'll believe that comment?" "Well, uh," Albott starts, "because it's happening RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!" Suddenly, everyone looks up and it turns out that the alligator was right: the Florida Panther that planned to eat Zoe is soon caught trying to sneak up on both Max and Zoe. The kids suddenly get petrified with fear. Realizing that the panther's element of surprise was ruined, the panther starts running towards Zoe. Max quickly figures out what's going on, and places Zoe behind him to protect her. Max stands up and spreads his arms out telling the panther to get lost, but this causes the panther to go on a rampage and it bites Max's left arm, causing Max to yell in pain, making Zoe worry. The panther's move causes Max to get angry and fight back by punching it in the face. ("Oh, so you want to play rough eh? Well, I'LL SHOW YOU ROUGH!!!")

This goes on for a while, Max punching the panther on the face and the panther repeatedly biting his arms. Eventually, the panther decides it's had enough of the battle and knocks Max out of the way with just one swipe of it's right paw. The swipe was so powerful, it knocked Max unconscious. Seeing the result of the battle freaks Zoe out, and wanting to avenge Max's defeat, uses her own body to fight the panther, but the same result happens. So she tries summoning Paris's battle form, but the panther isn't intimidated, and with a lot of scratches on Paris's back, immediately defeats her and turns Paris back into a card despite her size and thick skin. All seems hopeless for Zoe now... but then guess what!? Albott puts himself in the battle to show the panther who's boss!!!! At first, it seems that the panther will win once again, until the alligator bites the panther's right front ankle, causing the panther to meow in pain. The panther then tries to use it's left front paw and it's teeth to kill the alligator, but the armour is too hard to be penetrated. The alligator turns out to have the advantage over the cat, because the Florida Panther has only three forms of defense: it's jaws, teeth, and it's paws. The panther suddenly lets out a loud hiss to intimidate the alligator. Albott doesn't let that stop him, so he continues attacking the panther until he finally bites her right hind thigh, forcing the panther to retreat. At that point, Max wakes up and Zoe explains what happened. Max can't believe it at first, but then Albott reveals that the panther slashed a scar across his eye.

Max is amazed, and thanks him for a job well done along with Zoe. Albott then replies, "Oh, no problem; that's what friends are for Max and Zoe". Upon hearing this, both Max and Zoe say in unison "How did you know my name!?" "Uh, I was just lucky, I guess" Albott replies. At that point, Zoe starts giggling, causing Albott to reply "Zoe, what I said was just a really bad joke!" Well, Zoe decides to put the D-Team symbol on his back anyway, indicating that he's now an official member of the D-Team. Then the D-Team continues on their quest for their parents with their new alligator friend Albott.

The episode ends with the same Panther now after a herd of Wild Boar, an invasive species from Europe. The Florida Panther attacks a large male, the leader of the herd, and another fight starts. Despite her wound, the panther wins because the boar was sick from unknown causes. Soon after, the rest of the herd leaves and three panther cubs appear next to the adult panther, revealing that the reason it was after Zoe was because it was a mother who needed to feed her cubs. The episode ends with the adult panther and her cubs eating the carcass of the wild boar.


  • The whole episode was narrated like a documentary.
  • This is the first appearance of Albott the Alligator. The other animals won't appear until a few episodes later.
  • The panther won almost all of the fights in this episode:
  • When fighting the Black Bear, the bear retreated after a swipe.
  • When fighting the coyotes, the opponents retreated once they saw that Zoe was alive.
  • When fighting Max, it knocked him unconscious after one swipe.
  • The same thing happened with Zoe although she didn't go unconscious.
  • For some reason, the Florida Panther defeated Paris despite the fact that the dinosaur was several times bigger.
  • The only fight it lost was the one against Albott but only because the alligator was twice as armored and powerful, but a wound on the panther's right hind thigh was also responsible for the defeat.
  • At the end of the episode, when the panther was revealed to be a mother, the panther battled and killed a wild boar despite being heavily wounded.
  • Max shows alot more concern for Zoe when she gets injured in this episode than he did in the previous seasons, indicating that he's starting to fall in love with her.
  • How could a panther kill a dinosaur?

Episode 2: 2 more animalsEdit

The episode starts with the D-Team and the new member Albott the Alligator walking through a think dry swamp because it's February and the rains won't return until March. Zoe suddenly starts to feel thirsty, as the D-Team hasn't come across any water. Luckily, Albott says that he knows where they can find water. He leads them to a small lake that he calls "My favorite Alligator Hole". Zoe asks what an Alligator Hole is and he replies "Well, it's basically a hole alligators dig up on the wet prairies. The holes somehow catch rainwater and the water never dries out even during the dry season". The kids are amazed, and Zoe takes a drink of hole water with her hands. Finally feeling better, she soon asks Albott his name and he says the same thing he said to Max: "The name's Albott: A-l-b-o-t-t". Zoe finds it a weird name. Albott decides "That's what my mother called me". Then he reveals that before meeting Max, he didn't travel alone, he had three other animals accompanying him; a bald eagle, a Burmese python, and another female alligator. He reveals that the eagle claimed to be 70% smarter than Albott himself was, so he and the eagle found it hard to get along, which is why he left them. Zoe gets mad at Albott, not because he was 50% dumber than an eagle, but because he didn't try to crush it.

Suddenly, Albott goes "Hey, that's a great idea Zoe!!! Why didn't I ever think of that!!?? It would be just like crushing an ant with one of my hind feet!!!" He then puts his right hind leg over an ant and starts to crush it, but the ant holds it's ground and keeps the foot up, despite the alligator's stronger muscles. This confuses everyone because as Zoe explains, ants aren't supposed to be so strong, so she gives it a try, but her foot is also held up on the ant. Suddenly, she trips, but Max catches her, receiving a kiss on the cheek from Zoe as a thanks for doing so.

Albott blushes because he "saw it cute", then tries crushing the ant with his front left leg, which succeeds. Then he says, "You know what guys? I think we need a job so we have money, otherwise, we won't be able to afford anything". Zoe sees his point but doesn't know where they will find one. And Max doesn't even know the way into the nearest town. Albott decides to try leading them into Miami since it was the last town he visited, but his brain can't remember the way. Finally he confirms the worse: "We're stuck out here for a long time!" This freaks Zoe out because now they will be surrounded by bugs. Max decides to try finding the information center, which they all accept. But that proves to be harder than Max thought it would be not because there are so many trees since Max uses a weird looking rock to help out, but because a hungry panther keeps on appearing and scaring them into going the wrong way.

Finally, Max decides not to rely on the rock since if they do, they'll just be attacked by the same panther. So he tries a different path, failing to notice a sign that says "Beware of Coyotes" next to the path. After a few minutes, Albott suggests they turn back because rumor has it that this path is home to coyotes. This turns out to be true when a coyote is caught trying to steal Paris. The D-Team tries to go after it but slip and fall into a cave. Inside, the D-Team realizes that they can't get out because everytime they try to climb out, they just keep on slipping. Eventually, Zoe suggests they try to find an alternate way out. Albott and Max decide to go along with it since they have no other choice, but the cave is long and they don't know which way to turn. Finally, Albott suggests that they check for bats, because if there is a tunnel or two with bats, they might be having babies so they can't go in that tunnel. The kids don't know what he's talking about but go along with it anyway. What they don't realize is that if they used a tunnel with bats, the bats that had babies would likely attack them.

Max eventually finds a tunnel that seems bat free, so they take it. While inside the tunnel, Zoe keeps on getting freaked out by some noise: Albott hears it too, but not Max. Then Albott senses the presence of another alligator in the area, so he squeezes his trunk muscles inside his neck. Zoe thinks he's nuts, because she can't hear a thing, but the gator replies "That's because it's infrosound: sound too low in frequency for a human to hear". Zoe soon gets his point, and the D-Team continues exploring.

Eventually, the D-Team finds another alligator and a Burmese Python. Zoe asks Albott if those animals are his friends, and Albott replies "I don't know: I'm not even sure if I've seen them before". Max suggests that they head closer to find out, so the D-Team does. Albott says "Hi" to the two reptiles, who turn towards the D-Team. The alligator replies in a female voice "Do we know you?" Albott replies "I don't know". Then the python says "Your name is Albott right?" Albott then replies "Oh yeah!!! It's nice to see you guys again! What are you doing down here?" The female alligator reveals that they fell down here 3 weeks ago while searching for Albott. The python then replies "Yes, Alice is right. Boy, Eddy the eagle will be very happy to see that you're ok". "Bah, Humbug!" Albott responds, "Who cares about Eddy, Right Zoe?" Zoe nods. The python asks "What's wrong with the Eagle? I mean, sure he's annoying and thinks you're 50% dumb and 50% smart, but why don't you want him around anymore?"

Zoe reveals that he didn't like the way the eagle insulted him. And she even tells the reptiles that she gave Albott the idea of crushing Eddy the eagle. The python's not sure about this, but then Albott replies, "Oh, it will be just as easy as using your front feet to crush an insect". He then uses his front right foot to crush another ant which doesn't see it coming, so doesn't try to hold it's ground and ends up being crushed. The D-Team allows Albott's 2 friends to travel with them, so they tag along. Zoe asks the python what his name is and he replies "The name's Brandon". Zoe compliments on how nice of a name it is, to which Brandon replies "Thanks". Then Max finds a Scelidosaurus card, and it has both a plant and water symbol. As a result, Zoe is the one that activates the card. At first, Scelidosaurus shows little interest in it's new master, until Zoe gives it some lettuce, then turns it into Chibi form. When Zoe tries to pet it, it bites her hand, hinting that it still dislikes her. Chomp decides to try and explain that Zoe's nice, but the scelidosaurus doesn't listen. In the end, Zoe decides to activate it's battle form, then activates Seismosaurus, who helps them all out of the underground cave. Afterwards, Zoe puts both Scelidosaurus and Seismosaurus back into their cards, while Max finds a Postosuchus card that has an "X" symbol, indicating that it may be able to be used with any element. Suddenly, the D-Team hear Paris's cries for help, and rush over to help her. They soon find Paris surrounded by thick mangrove trees. Zoe rushes to rescue her pet, overjoyed that she's safe, but suddenly, the coyote and it's mate as well as 3 other adults block the path to Paris, forcing Zoe to activate Scelidosaurus. But when she tells it to fight the coyotes, she starts getting impatient since it doesn't move a muscle, then sees that Scelidosaurus decided to take a nap instead of fight. Zoe gets frustrated and yells "IT'S NOT NAP TIME YOU BIG LUMBERING PLANT-EATER!!!!! IT'S BATTLE TIME!!!" The scelidosaurus still takes a nap, so Zoe tries to push it to get it motivated, but instead, the dinosaur whacks Zoe into a tree with it's tail, then goes right back to sleep. Zoe doesn't understand how a dinosaur could disobey her, and tries using lettuce to get it to battle, but it doesn't work.

In the end, Max decides to use Chomp and his new Postosuchus to take the coyotes down. Unlike scelidosaurus, Postosuchus actually does what Max wants it to do, but refuses to attack directly, and instead only dodges. In the end, Max shields it form an attack by the alpha male coyote by punching the coyote in the snout, thus, gaining the prehistoric archosaur's trust. Postosuchus then attacks and kills the alpha female with one crunch of it's jaws. Zoe is still trying to get Scelidosaurus to move, but is having no luck. Seeing this, Postosuchus actually gets mad, unlike Chomp who's too busy focusing on battling the coyotes to see Scelidosaurus sleeping. Enraged by the scelidosaurus's choice, Postosuchus runs over and bites it's tail to show it what happens when it disobeys it's master. But that doesn't work and instead, the scelidosaurus uses it's shoulder spikes to knock the crocodile-like animal away, forcing Postosuchus to continue focusing on the battle.

Finally, Zoe gets so mad, she yells this message at it: "I'M SO TIRED OF YOU NOT OBEYING MY COMMANDS!!! IF YOU DON'T MOVE ONE MUSCLE IN 10 SECONDS, I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!!!" (Zoe actually did use the word ass) Angry about Zoe saying a bad word on a kids show, Brandon bites her leg to remind her that kids aren't supposed to hear bad words. Zoe apologizes, then kicks her new dinosaur's butt anyway, but instead, hurts her foot. A disappointed Zoe finally gives in, not understanding why her new dinosaur wouldn't listen to her commands. In the end, Chomp stabs the alpha male and Postosuchus kills 2 of the other adults, forcing the last one to retreat. In the end, Zoe gets Paris out of the trees and shows her affection. But upon seeing the bond, Scelidosaurus gets jealous for some reason and not wanting to be left out, walks over to Zoe, knocks Paris out of her arms forcing Max to catch her, then knocks Zoe onto the ground and starts licking Zoe on the face, much to Zoe's disgust. Eventually, she gets tired of it's actions and returns it to it's card. Then Albott replies "Well, like they always say, a dog is man's best friend" and starts laughing. Soon, everyone else, even Zoe, joins in.

The episode then cuts to the D-Team finally arriving at the tourist information and asking for directions to the nearest town. The guy at the desk reveals it to be Miami, meaning that the D-Team finally has found some refuge. He allows them to stay in a cabin nearby, which Zoe accepts immediately, despite the others not wanting to do so, but they decide to go with it anyway.

The episode ends with everyone settled in to their temporary log cabin, with everyone except the alligators and python on the couch and Albott singing the song "I've Been Everywhere".

Episode 3: A contest for petsEdit

At the beginning of the episode, the D-Team is taking a walk through Miami. Zoe is eager to make physical contact with Max, but her advances get rebuffed several times, indicating Max isn't ready for the contact yet. Then Zoe sees a poster that says "Pet talent show: Have your pet show off it's talents like courage, stunts, and loyalty". Zoe is excited about this, and Albott explains that it only happens once or twice a year in Miami. He then reveals that the prize is 15 million dollars, although the competitors usually get 25 thousand dollars because many fail the quiz that's at the beginning of the show for some reason. Well, this gets Zoe really excited and she decides to participate in it, although Max isn't sure Paris will actually win for some reason. Nevertheless, he agrees to help Zoe train for the contest. Zoe hugs him and says "Thanks for agreeing to help Max, that's really sweet of you!" and kisses him full on the lips, which makes everyone blush. Soon after, she retracts, Max asks what questions are on the quiz. Alice replies "Oh, the quiz questions are really hard to answer. In fact, I think the reason the guy who started this stuff put the quiz in the beginning was just so people would loose!" Max is confused, but says "Ok" and then it cuts to the front yard of the log cabin. Max activates Postosuchus and Chomp while Zoe activates Paris and Scelidosaurus. But Scelidosaurus falls asleep the moment it's called into battle. Zoe gets angry at it and yells "Come on Scelidosaurus!!! You can sleep later!!!" But it doesn't listen, so Zoe bribes it with some lettuce to get moving, which works, but when Chomp attacks, the dinosaur digs underground and doesn't come out.

After 3 hours, it still doesn't come out, so Brandon heads underground to check on the primitive armored dinosaur. He finds it asleep underground, so he bites his belly, causing it to wake up and use it's tail to knock him back to the surface, then it rises to the surface as well, finally agreeing to battle, much to Zoe's delight. When Chomp starts charging towards it, Zoe activates a move card called surf, but instead, Scelidosaurus launches a ball out of it's mouth that hits Chomp, much to Zoe's frustration, because that isn't what she wanted it to do. When Postosuchus uses a move called Earthquake, Zoe tries to have Scelidosaurus use another attack called water cannon but instead, it uses an attack that causes giant roots to come out and attack both Postosuchus and Chomp. Albott come up with a name for the attack and calls the attack "Frenzy Roots". Zoe however, isn't happy with her dinosaur's behavior, Max tells her "Don't worry, it doesn't trust you yet; give it a little time". Zoe cheers up a little, but the Scelidosaurus once again uses "Frenzy Roots" causing Zoe to get stressed out, and she gets even more angrier when the Scelidosaurus uses Surf on Paris. But Albott replies "At least you got it to do the move you wanted it to do" but Zoe isn't happy that the armored dinosaur attacked Paris and finally, loses her control and yells at it, hitting it with her arms, legs, hands, and feet as well, but this causes the scelidosaurus to get really angry and the dinosaur whacks Zoe into a tree with it's tail. Max gets worried, and calls back Chomp and Postosuchus, then runs over to Zoe and asks her if she's alright. Fortunately, she is, but then she asks why Scelidosaurus refused to obey her.

"Because you didn't treat it nicely!" says a parrot-like voice. When the D-Team looks up, it is revealed to belong to a bald eagle, who's name is Eddy.

"Uh oh, not again!" complains Albott the alligator. "Now I have to face his stupid insults to me!" Eddy suddenly asks if he's Albott, and the alligator replies "Yep".

Eddy, after a few seconds of silence, replies "I was secretly following you when you left us because I didn't wanna loose you. And I saw your battle with the panther. That was awesome!!!" Albott thanks him, while Zoe asks for advice on how to get her dinosaur to listen to her. Eddy suggests that she should let it sniff her hand. Zoe puts her hand in front of it's nose, but the scelidosaurus bites her hand, causing her to scream in pain. Eddy replies "That works with dogs". Eddy then suggests that she try petting it, but it's skin hurts when she does.

Albott replies "Why on Earth would you expect your methods to work on a dinosaur!?" so Eddy gives up. Zoe then returns Scelidosaurus to it's card. Then a wild pig appears, grazing on the grass, when a Florida panther attacks the pig and kills it. The D-Team is so busy trying to train Paris that they don't hear the sound.

But then Max sees the panther, so they decide to move back to the dried up river where Zoe first met Albott. Again, Zoe activates Scelidosaurus, but it remains asleep. Zoe calls it back, then the D-Team returns to the cabin, where Zoe and Max get hungry, but they don't know how to make dinner. So Max decides to order take-out from Domino's Pizza.

It then shows Albott talking to the "Domino's caller" (As he calls it) and reveals that he needs at least 2 pizzas, then asks Max and Zoe what they want on them. Zoe reveals that she has never had Pizza before, making everyone else shocked.

So Eddy gives Zoe a dictionary with the p page open. After looking it up, Zoe becomes interested in it and decides to have some with just cheese.

So Albott orders one pizza with just cheese, one with cheese and pepperoni, one with cheese and vegetables but not pepper, one with cheese and anchovies, on with cheese and shrimp, and one with all of those toppings on it. He then tells the receiver that the other pizza's are for his friend who never had pizza before, so he decided she should try one of each. The guy then replies, "Alright. All of your pizza's are coming right up!!! And if you don't have money, the try getting it in the pet talent show". Albott tells him where they live, thanks the guy, then hangs up.

Three hours later, the pizza finally arrives, and the price is 45 dollars. Albott tells the delivery guy "I'll give you the money later, just put the bill on the counter!" So the guy does, then gives the alligator the pizzas and leaves. Zoe tries the cheese pizza, which she likes "a little" but can't resist another slice. Then she has a slice of anchovies, which she finds "too salty". But she eats it anyway. Then it is revealed that everyone else had a slice too.

Part 2Edit

At that point, Albott suggests that they go bowling since there's nothing to do around the cabin, which gets the boys excited. However, Zoe disagrees since she just wants to try and bond with Scelidosaurus, but Max quickly grabs her hand and pulls her out the door shouting "Come on, Zoe! It will be fun!" while doing so, leaving Zoe shocked about his action. On the streets, the D-Team walks to the bowling alley for hours because Albott doesn't remember where it is even though he's been there several times last month. ("This is odd: I've been to the bowling alley several times last month, but can't remember where it is") Zoe meanwhile, is exhausted from all the walking and wants to rest, but Max (Who is still holding her hand) is eager to find it so he tells Zoe "Come on, Zoe, why would you need to rest when I'm holding your hand? Besides, I'd like to get to the bowling alley as soon as possible!" Then he starts pulling her behind him again. Zoe soon smiles and says "Well, I've never seen him this excited before!" and giggles. After two hours the D-Team finally arrives at the bowling alley. Zoe is eager to get bowling... until she pukes, no doubt because of all the running. Albott replies "Well, this sucks, because now we can't go bowling. Back to the cabin!" It then cuts to the cabin at night.

Inside, the animals are asleep, but Max is not, worried about Zoe. He's put her body down on the couch and is watching over her really worried.

Out in the ship of the Jade Guys, Jaldithas is trying to find out where the jewel is located, but isn't having any luck.

Part 3Edit

The next morning, Zoe wakes up to see Max watching over her. Zoe is confused about Max's recent behavior (He's been really protective of her) but doesn't ask him about it.

Then she goes outside and she continues trying to bond with Scelidosaurus in Chibi form, but it doesn't help. Then she activates it's battle form and tells it "Alright Scelidosaurus, hit that tree in front of you with your tail!" while pointing to a mangrove tree in front of the scelidosaurus's eyes. But instead, Scelidosaurus hits Zoe with it's tail causing her to be sent flying into another mangrove. Zoe starts getting stressed out, so she decides to turn it back into a chibi. Then she tries petting it on the head, but it bites at her. So she picks it up and shows affection, but it doesn't like being held and struggles to get out. Max comes out and suggests that she give it a name, but Zoe doesn't know what to name it, as it's gender is unknown, although Max suggests that she should call it "Bitey" based on it's personality. Zoe however, decides to call it "Feisty". The scelidosaurus bites her again, this time, on the nose. Then it tries to bite her in the chest but Zoe pushes it back, because it isn't appropriate. ("Seriously Feisty! It's never polite and appropriate to bite or touch a girls chest!") but the dinosaur doesn't listen and bites that part, causing Zoe to scream in pain. In the end, she tries to return Feisty to it's card, but it bites her arm, causing her to scream and drop it. At that point, Paris comes out and starts singing a lullaby which puts the Scelidosaurus to sleep. Zoe then returns the dinosaur to her card. Soon after, Zoe sighs and says "I sure wish Feisty would listen to me. Then I could enter him in the pet show!"

Albott comes out at that point, and having heard what she said, answers "It's no use Zoe, you'll just have to use Paris". Zoe is disappointed, but decides to go along with it.

Zoe has Paris jump through some hoops which proves to be too easy for the little dinosaur. Then Zoe lights the hoop on fire, but being a grass-type, Paris doesn't listen. Zoe sees this as a chance to bond with Feisty and get it to listen to her.

So she calls it's chibi form out and tells it to jump through the hoop but it takes a nap instead. So Zoe puts the flame out, but it still sleeps. It wakes up when it turns it's head and sees Paris jumping through the hoop. Just when it seems that she finally got it to listen to her.... it goes back to sleep.

Zoe gives up and return Feisty to it's card. Then she continues training Paris for the show, while Max and Albott visit the bowling Alley. When Zoe learns this from Brandon, she stops training Paris to catch up to them. Meanwhile, Max and Albott are still waiting for Zoe. (Max: "How long will it be until Zoe shows up?" Albott: "I don't know".) Then Zoe shows up, and when she catches up, she's exhausted from all the running, so she falls like she's doing a push up, catches her breath, then asks "Why did you leave without me?" Max replies "Well, we didn't want to leave without you," And Albott finishes "But you were so busy trying to train Paris and get Feisty to listen to you, that we decided to let Brandon tell you so you could catch up". Max then grabs both of Zoe's hands and helps her stand up. But after she stands on her legs, Max still holds Zoe's hands. After a few seconds of no talking between them, Zoe asks Max "Why are you still holding my hands?" Max replies, "Uh, why not?" Zoe starts to feel stressed out by Max's behavior, but stays calm, not wanting Max to get angry at her. Zoe then asks "Can we please bowl now?" Max replies "Sure Zoe. I'd be happy to bowl with you cutie" while rubbing her forehead with his own forehead. Then he lets go of her left hand and heads into the alley, still holding her right hand. Zoe smiles and soon says "Hey, judging from the way he acted, I think he likes me" to herself, then giggles.

Inside, the kids start looking for Albott, who went inside before them and is nowhere to be found. Eventually, they find him waiting in line at the counter. When he spots them, he replies "Oh, hello kids. I was waiting for you guys. What size shows do you wear?"

The kids take their shoes off and check their size. But they can't figure it out, so they have their feet measured. Max's feet are 8 and a half feet long and Zoe's feet are 7 feet long. So those are the size of the shoes they get.

Then the kids get their own bowling balls. Zoe tries a pink one, attracted to the fact that it's the same color as her hair, but it proves to be too heavy, and she collapsed onto the floor 8 seconds after holding it. Max picks up her fallen body by her armpits and asks her if she's alright. ("Zoe, are you all right?") Zoe looks up at Max and nods.

Relieved that Zoe is alright, Max quickly helps her up, then grabs her waist. Zoe turns around and stares up at him, not sure what to do, although she does have a look in her eyes that shows a possible romantic attraction. When Max asks her "What's wrong Zoe? Are you nervous about something?" Zoe doesn't know what to say. She wants to kiss him but doesn't think she should do it at this point. Eventually, Zoe puts her arms around Max's neck and stares up at him.

Max senses that something's up with Zoe. He once again asks her "What's wrong Zoe?" He still doesn't get an answer, so wanting to look closely into her eyes, (Max says "I think I should look closely into your eyes") he touches her nose with his own nose. This move makes Zoe feel twitchy, and starts wondering what she should do. ("Oh dear, what should I do?") Eventually, she gets herself together and silently kisses Max on the lips. She only intended to give him a short kiss that would last for only a few seconds, but her feelings for him were so strong, she couldn't stop herself from continuing her kiss. At that point, Albott says "Hey! Don't you guys want to start bowling?" His question finally gets Zoe to stop her kiss. She apologizes to Max who accepts it. (Zoe: "Sorry about that long kiss I gave you Max". Max: "That's ok Zoe".)

Zoe eventually gets a green ball that's lighter than Paris and the episode ends with Zoe scoring a perfect strike.

Next Time: The D-Team meets Thomas, Percy, Duck, and 3 other characters from Thomas and Friends.

Episode 4: Thomas and his FriendsEdit

'Note: Unlike other episodes, the title card for this episode is different: instead of the usual, it shows several clips of Thomas running around various parts of Sodor while the last part of the song "Engine role call" plays. Then Thomas arrives back at Tidmouth Sheds during the evening then smoke comes out the funnel and the singers sing along as the words appear "Thomas and his friends!!!" At that point, the episode starts.

The episode starts on Sodor where Thomas and the other members of the Steam Team as well as Duck are hanging out at Tidmouth Shed. The reason? It's because Sir Topham Hatt has yet to arrive.

The Steam Team waiting for Sir Topham Hatt.

To past the time, Percy tells a joke:

Percy: What do you get when you cross Diesel 10 with a Great White Shark or Moby Dick?

Thomas: I give up.

Duck TTTE 1

Duck waits for orders at the water tower.

Percy: As far away as possible!!!!

Then Percy starts laughing. But Thomas, with a grumpy facial expression replies "Percy, that joke wasn't funny." This makes Percy mad. "Where's your sense of humor?" he angrily asked Thomas. Suddenly, Thomas became guilty: Percy never asked him that before. "I just don't get it" he eventually replied.

"It's simple," Edward puts in, "Diesel 10 was dangerous when he first returned to Sodor after several years of being absent," "Hey, wait a second!!!" Thomas interrupts, "How do you know how dangerous Diesel 10 was if you weren't here at the time!!??" "Actually, Thomas, I was around during the events shown in Thomas and the Magic Railroad." Edward puts in. At this point, an argument between the two blue engines starts:

Thomas: Then why weren't you seen in any draft of the film?

Edward: Because the film crew didn't finish my model in time. Or at least that's what I read on the Thomas and Friends wikia.

Thomas: Edward, you know wikias and Wikipedia can't be trusted.

Edward: So? It's the closest explanation I could find.

Thomas: Well, outside the film production, is there a reason why you weren't in the film if you were around?

Edward: I don't know, but one time, a film camera went up straight into my face and I sneezed.

Henry: That's so...

Thomas: Shut up Henry!!! You're not part of this conversation!!! Please continue Edward.

Edward: I didn't know why I sneezed at first, but then a trip to the doctor revealed that some dust somehow got into my nose. I think the same happened to me during Thomas and the Magic Railroad auditions.

"Ok guys that's enough!!!" Duck finally replies, "Edward, please continue explaining the joke." Edward continues explaining. "As I was saying Thomas, Diesel 10 used to be dangerous but isn't now, Great White Sharks have occasionally attacked humans, and Moby Dick, he killed the whalers that tried to kill him!!!" Suddenly, Thomas understands the joke and starts laughing along with everybody else, but Percy falls a sleep once everybody's done laughing.

In the Everglades, Zoe tries to keep the Scelidosaurus under control but can't seem to do so. Back on Sodor, Percy wakes up only to find that everyone else left. Seeing this, Percy goes back to sleep. But then Thomas puffs in with a mysterious package in his cab.

"Hey Thomas, what's in there?" Percy asks his best friend. "I don't know Percy," said Thomas, "but I hope it's from Sophie." "Who's Sophie?" Percy asked. Thomas replies "She's an engine that lives all the way in the UK on the Watercress Line. You know, where we often visit for Day Out with Thomas events. I even have pictures:"




Sophia in daytime

"Isn't she pretty Percy?" Thomas asks his best friend. "Pretty?" asked Percy, "Not to my eyes" "Oh, you'll understand when you're older Percy." Thomas responds, "But hey, let's open it up and find out what it is." So Thomas, with a little help from Percy opens up the package revealing... a dvd. "What's so special about a DVD that would make Sophie send it?" Percy asks his best friend. "I don't know," replied Thomas, "but... Hey!!! Wait a second!!! This isn't from Sophie. It's from someone else."

More to come later...