Dinosaur King only Redubbed to a different station and is based off Dinosaur King: Dimension Overload


Dr. Z (Jeff Bennett) has accidently released the Dinosaurs into other Dimensions (in other words broke the Time machine again), only this time even the dinosaurs Chomp, Terry, Ace, Paris, Spiney, and Tank are also went through the portal including the stones!

After that Three dimensions were selected to be Pokemon, Teen Titans, and Ben 10, so Dr. Z orders the Alpha Gang (April Winchell, Jeff Bennett, and Daran Norris) were sent to get them back!

Meanwhile Terry gets amnesia, and befriends Ash in the Pokemon Dimension and renames him Draco, with a new Dino friend Spike the Stegosaurus who befriends Brock in the same dimension! In the Teen Titans dimension Starfire finds a card with a Brachiosaurus whom she calls Titan, and Cyborg finds Chomp and calls him Thor! in the Ben10 dimension it's Ace who was renamed El Diablo by Ben, and befriends an Iguanadon called Aladar (after the dinosaur from "Dinosaur"!) by Julie!

When these Dinosaurs brought these fine heroes together when they are sent into another dimension, and into a city called "Trilobite City", they became the crime fighters with Dino Partners known as Triassic Squad, and save the city from the hands of Crom Crouch and his minions the Skull Ruffians!