This story is a rewrite of Dinosaur King, in which the Alpha Gang are the good guys, and the D-Team are the bad guys (and later the co-good guys). This is pretty much everything in the Alpha Gang's perspective.

Alpha GangEdit 22:01, December 26, 2013 (UTC)

Dr. ZEdit

Dr. Z and the Alpha Dinos

Dr. Z with Terry, Acrocanthosaurus, Ampelosaurus and Spiny

Dr. Z is the leader of the Alpha Gang. He wants to become the Dinosaur King in order to restore the dinosaur's former glory. He also wants them to help those who aren't strong enough to do manual labor, so the dinosaurs would do it for them.




Ursula is the adopted daughter of Dr. Z. All she wants to do is look pretty. She gets very annoyed when Zoe calls her an old lady for the fun of it. Even though Ursula is good, she would like to give Zoe, Max and Rex a piece of her mind. She is also very loyal to her team-mates Zander and Ed.


Zander is the right hand man of Ursula. Though him and his team mate Ed are treated poorly by Ursula they are very loyal, but sometimes talk about Ursula behind her back (to her annoyance). Zander is tall with glasses. He is also very easily scared like Ed.