Dinosaur King Battle Card is a Card game, same sort as TCGs, made by User:Sanguinoraptor. To play, since there are no sold Card packs, is by downloading the pictures available here and print them. To edit the image size and number of images in a page to print, player can edit it through MS Office Word or another Document editing program. All download is free as long as these works are not reclaimed as player's work.

How To PlayEdit

Players must have at least 10 Dinosaurs of any Element, 7 Moves and/or Super Moves of any Element, and something to represent the turns.

First of all:

  • There are no limitations in the number of Dinosaurs a player may have in play.
  • To defeat the opponent, instead of taking out opponent's Life Points, is by defeating all the Dinosaurs the opponent have.
  • When the game starts, each player must take at least 5 Cards on hand from the shuffled deck.
  • To start a turn, a player could Dino Slash a dinosaur with the turn level the same or below the current turn, or player could attack a dinosaur that the opponent has in play.
  • To end a turn, a player must draw one Card. The maximum limit of the cards on hand is 10. If the Cards on hand is more than it, player must discard Cards on hand each turn until the Card is 10, and not drawing any Card (discarding is taken as drawing, which ends the turn).


The Arena, or battlefield, isn't limited by a mat. Player could play anywhere available.

Components of the Arena:

  • Battlefield: It's the place for the Dino Slashed dinosaurs.
  • Deck: A place for the remaining Cards on the deck.
  • Grave: Used Moves/Super Moves and defeated Dinosaurs goes here.
  • Turn Indicator: This area indicates the Turn taken by player.


To defeat a Dinosaur, a player must battle the opponent's.

  • To mark a battle, move the attacking Dinosaur card until the top side touched the attacked Dinosaur card. When the top parts met, the battle begins.
  • One battle took one turn, so there can be no two battles in a turn or a Dino Slash then battle, visa versa (except for the Skills or Move effects that allows to do so).
  • In a battle to determine the player that must first use the Move, use the Element chain. If they are in the same Element or had no connection in the chain, the attacked must first use the Move. The Move isn't a must, though.
  • Then calculate the Attack, Defense, or HP that was boosted by the Move. The damage dealt is by HP minus Attack reduced by Defense. For short, HP-(ATK-DEF). The one with the damage more than the enemy's won the battle, and the damage is dealt. The one with the less damage dealt no damage to the other dinosaur, and it takes damage from its opponent.
  • When the Dinosaur's HP reaches 0, the Dinosaur is defeated.
  • Keep doing this until all of the enemy's dinosaurs are taken down.

Components of the CardEdit

These components are different between card types.

Dinosaur CardsEdit

  • Name
  • Name meaning
  • Card picture
  • Card Ability (this Ability is called 'Skill')
  • Card stats, inlcuding Attack, Defense, and Health Points. After the Slash sign, is the Turn. A Dinosaur can only be summoned by or after the turn number.

Move/SuperMove CardsEdit

  • Move Name
  • Move Picture
  • Move effects
  • Stat boosts -- Attack Boost, Defense Boost, and in some cards, Health Boost.

Element BoostersEdit

There is a feature called Element Boosters. These Cards are used to summon the DinoTector Dinsoaurs.

To use an Element Booster, Dino Slash the Booster on top of a Card with the same Element. Then discard it to the Grave. After doing so, you can Dino Slash DinoTector dinosaur of the same Element. These steps must be done in one same turn and not in separate turns.

Element Booster can only be used once.


All files here are copyrighted work of User:Sanguinoraptor. MUCH more are coming soon.

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