These are the dinosaurs that are in the Final Rampage.


Max's DinosaursEdit


Chomp was Max's first dinosaur. He is not seen much in the Final Rampage but he is seen towards the end. Chomp is great friends with Sparks, and the two will usually chase each other around or ram each other.


Sparks is Max's main dinosaur in the Final Rampage and is usually seen ramming Max. Max shares a very big bond with Sparks because he reminds him of Chomp a lot. Sparks is the D-Team's most powerful dinosaur in the Final Rampage though he has needed the others' help sometimes.


Electron is an Udanoceratops, named after his small size, as he is the smallest out of Max's dinosaurs and is really just a backup dinosaur. Electron was one of the dinosaurs activated that the D-Team saved and Max used him to fight against the Dino-Hunters, who were mad after their loss and wanted to fight to get Electron from the D-Team.

Max also has used other various Lightning dinosaurs to help Sparks when he was in danger of being defeated.

Rex's DinosaursEdit


Ace is Rex's first dinosaur and like Chomp is not seen until closer to the end. Ace and Dash are great friends and they will usually race each other to see who is faster.


Dash is Rex's main dinosaur in the Final Rampage and he is usually seen trying to get Rex to play with him. Dash reminds Rex of Ace a lot and at times Rex will accidentally call Dash Ace. Dash is the D-Team's fastest dinosaur in the Final Rampage and he will usually tire out the dinosaurs that he battles.


Claw is a Szechuanosaurus that the D-Team rescued from the Dino-Hunters. He was first used by Kowaii to backup Teddy and his name was Fluffy (this did not make any sense to the D-Team since he had just skin on him and no fluff at all and also Fluffy was more of a girl name). Rex defeated him and Teddy then rescued Claw before Kowaii could but Kowaii got Teddy.

Rex also used other various Wind dinosaurs to help Dash when he was in danger of being defeated.

Zoe's DinosaursEdit


Paris was Zoe's first dinosaur and like Chomp and Ace, she is not seen in most of the Final Rampage. Paris and Lamb are best friends and they will usually use their honking sounds to communicate and to see who honks louder.


Lamb is Zoe's main dinosaur in the Final Rampage and she is usually seen sitting on Zoe's lap. Lamb is timid and usually does not want to fight. When she does fight she usually needs help. Lamb is the D-Team's backup dinosaur and is usually helping the other dinosaurs.


Turquoise is a Brachylophosaurus that Zoe found in the dirt. When she reached for the card it blew away and into a bush activating it. The Dino-Hunters got it and Kowaii said she should use her since she was looking for a piece of the green cosmos stone. Kowaii used her but not very well because she did not have the green cosmos necklace and Zoe claimed it.

Zoe also used other various Grass dinosaurs to help Lamb when she was in danger of being defeated.

The Alpha Gang's DinosaursEdit


Terry was the Alpha Gang's first dinosaur and like Chomp, Ace, and Paris he is not seen until closer to the end. Terry likes Ali even though she dislikes him. Terry is usually seen either bighting Dr. Z's beard or following Ali.


Spiny was the Alpha Gang's second dinosaur and is not seen until the end. Spiny and Irr dislike each other and the two are usually seen fighting with each other.


Tank was the Alpha Gang's third dinosaur and like Chomp, Ace, Paris, Terry, and Spiny Tank is not seen until closer to the end. Tank and Dac are friends and the two will usually swing their tails at each other to see who is the strongest.


Ali is the Alpha Gang's main dinosaur in the Final Rampage. Ali dislikes Terry and will usually try to scare him away from her. Ali likes to chase the other dinosaurs (except Terry) around even though she never catches them. Ali is usually the first dinosaur out in battle.


Irr dislikes Spiny alot and will usually fight him even though he never wins the fights. Irr usually will be a backup to Ali and the two will usually hang out with each other in their chibi form. Irr gets annoyed by Dash and when he sees Dash coming Irr will usually leave.


Dac and Tank are best friends and they love to play with each other. Dac is hardly ever used in battle but when he is he is kind of good. Dac usually will ram Ed out of no where just so he can ram something. Dac does not like to play with the other chibis (except for Tank) because they are too fast for him.

Ken's DinosaursEdit


Comet is Ken's most powerful dinosaur and he will usually be seen scaring away all the other chibi dinosaurs. Comet never plays with the other chibis because Ken believes that if they play the dinosaurs will just be a whole bunch of softies. Comet is the most powerful dinosaur out of the D-Team and the Alpha Gang's dinosaurs. Comet's favorite move is Frozen Glide.


Crystal is a Cryolophosaurus like Comet. The two will usually hang out with each other but they will never play. Crystal is a bit weaker then Comet but she makes up for it with sneaky attacks. Crystal is usually sitting on Ken's lap while he pets her. Crystal gets annoyed at the other dinosaurs for trying to get her to play with them. Crystal's favorite move is Blizzard Smash.

Violet's DinosaursEdit


Rascal lives up to his name by being a prankster. He will usually hide and when the other chibis run by he jumps out and scares them out of their wits. Rascal is Violet's most powerful dinosaur but usually goofs off even in battle by scaring away all the other dinosaurs. Rascal's favorite pastimes are playing practical jokes and sleeping. Rascal's favorite move is Psychic Bind.


Rebecca is a Megalosaurus like Rascal. Rebecca is a little bit more enjoyable to have around because she, unlike Rascal, never plays pranks on the other chibis. Rebecca will usually hang around Dash or just sit by Violet. Rebecca is a bit weaker then Rascal but she never goofs off and knows when she should fight and when she should play. Rebecca's favorite move is Zero G Throw.

May's DinosaursEdit


Rainbow is May's most powerful dinosaur. She often is seen running after the other chibi dinosaurs or hanging out with Dazzle. Rainbow and May share a big bond and May says that sometimes she doesn't what she would do without Rainbow. Rainbow's favorite move is Quakeheat.


Dazzle is a bit weaker then Rainbow but she makes up for it in speed. Dazzle and May are best friends and the two love to play with each other. Dazzle and Rainbow are both Pachycephalosauruses that love to play with each other. Dazzle's favorite move is Head Driver.

The Enemy's DinosaursEdit


Joe was Nick's first dinosaur. He disappears for a while after episode 15 but reappaears later in the season, after he has been altered into Mega Jobaria. Joe is usually defeated by either Sparks, Rainbow or Dazzle.


Camarasaurus is a great fighter paired with Joe. Camarasaurus is Nick's main dinosaur used after Nick stops using Joe. Camarasaurus is not a very strong dinosaur and never has been a major threat. Sparks usually defeats him in one powerful blow.


Spike was acquired after finding a piece of the purple cosmos stone. Spike is a Gastonia that is one of Nick's least favorite dinosaurs because he likes water dinosaurs better. He refuses to admit that Spike is stronger than his Camarasaurus even though that is the truth. Spike is usually defeated by Ali.


Giga is Sean's first dinosaur. Giga is not used much after episode 25 because Kowaii doesn't let Sean fight. Giga is usually defeated by either Irr, Rascal or Rebecca.


Abelisaurus is great paired with Giga but not such a great fighter all by himself. Abelisarus is not used much by Sean but is used sometimes. Abelisaurus is usually recalled before he is defeated.


Zuni was captured after Sean got a piece of the yellow cosmos stone. Zuni is not a very strong dinosaur, but is a great backup to Giga and Abelisaurus. Zuni is usually defeated by Lamb.


Teddy was Kowaii's first dinosaur. Teddy is the only main dinosaur (for the Dino-Hunters) that is seen throughout the season. Teddy is a very strong dinosaur and is usually the hardest one to beat. Teddy is usually beaten by either Crystal or Comet.


For Fluffy, see Claw.

Tsume, Cutey, and KittyEdit

Kowaii did not name Tsume herself. Mirage told her to call him that. It is japanese for Claw so he really has the same name as Claw the Szechuanosaurus except it is in japanese. Kowaii did name Cutey and Kitty herself though. The trio are Deinonychuses that accompany Teddy sometimes. They are used with the black cosmos necklace. Tsume, Cutey, and Kitty are usually defeated by Dash when he uses Multiplying Wind and then Final Breeze.


Cosmo is Mirage's altered Suchomimus. He has his own element booster so he can have armor. Cosmo is usually summoned with Neptune. They are a great duo together. Cosmo has only been defeated once, by Crystal, Comet, Rascal, Rebecca, Rainbow, and Dazzle all working together.


Neptune is Mirage's altered Baryonyx. He also has an element booster and he can prove to be a hard opponent when he is paired with Cosmo and they both have they're armor on. Neptune, like Cosmo has only been defeated once, by Crystal, Comet, Rascal, Rebecca, Rainbow, and Dazzle working together.


Calypso is Mirage's altered Spinosaurus who is even bigger than the Black Tyrannosaurus. Mirage also made ultimate moves for her. Her strongest is Cosmos Power, which attracts all the cosmos stones to her, then it makes her Ultimate Armor. After Calypso used this move she was unstopable so the D-Team had to go back in time so they could defeat her. Calypso was only defeated once, by all the dinosaurs the D-Team and the Alpha Gang and Ken, Violet, and May ever collected, including Chomp, Ace, Paris, Terry, Spiny, and Tank.