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The Rampage Begins!

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D-Team vs. Triceratops Edit

Triceratops is activated near the school. There is soon so much noise that Triceratops starts to rampage. Ken gives Max the Dino-Controller and Max summons an Arrhinoceratops named Sparks. Triceratops hits Sparks onto the ground and starts to charge at him. Sparks uses Bolt of Vengeance to get the Triceratops away from him. Triceratops starts to use Electric Charge. Sparks counters with Lightning Strike. Triceratops attacks again and is about to defeat Sparks. Ken shows Max how to make Sparks rampage then gives him a new move card. Max makes Sparks rampage then uses Lightning bolt and defeats Triceratops. Then reverses the rampage and recalls Sparks.

D-Team wins!

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