This is not actually a Dinosaur King, but it's based on it.

Dreamworld DimensionEdit

The story takes place on the Dreamworld which is apparently another dimension on Earth. A kid started the wars by creating the D-Vice and Dinosaur Cards, wanting to have the world as his. Soon the war rages and wrecked limits between people's territory, making people having all the dreams about the wars. They are in -- no matter they are male or female, young or adult (even elderly).

The Team -- led by Peter -- must beat the Elite and finish the kid behind all this before things get worse.

Main CharactersEdit


He was walking off the school when a bus crashed him. He went comma, and had a dream. Later, he learned that the dream is actually another dimension on Earth, and because he cannot wake up for a long period of time, he can't leave the dimension as well.

His dinosaur is a Pentaceratops.


She is just a usual girl, and Peter found her along with Ian when they had a fight. She was losing by the moment, but Peter helped her.

Her dinosaur is a Utahraptor.


Another typical kid, having a good night sleep. He's quite a great dueler, and by the moment Peter teamed him up, he's the only one with three Moves in his possesion.

His Dinosaur is a Rajasaurus.


He was sleeping when he found his girlfriend Emily. When they woke up, apparently they had the same dream. This explains about the dreamworld dimension to them.

His dinosaur is a Gastonia.


She was just another victim in the Dinosaur Wars that destroyed the whole dreamworld and wrecked the limits between people's territory, making everyone that dreams had the same dream with others (the dreams links).

Her dinosaur is a Baryonyx.


The Team -- still had 5 members -- met her and asked her to join in and complete the team. She refused, and said that she would only join if one of them could beat them. If all of them lost against her, she won't join in. Feeling challenged, one by one the Team battled with her. All of them reached critical stages when she let the battle undone. Finally Peter could beat her dinosaur and she joined in. Peter feels that she is like his own sister.

Her dinosaur was an Ouranosaurus.

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