Giganotosaurus TCG Card

This is was Gary looks like,portrayed in TCG card.

Gary was Dr. Spike Taylor's main dinosaur in Dinosaur King:Prehistoric Adventure.

Dinosaur King:Prehistoric Adventure StatisticsEdit

  • Name: Gary
  • Element: Fire, Darkness
  • First seen in episode: (3-)
  • Location: He follows Dr.Spike everywhere, including in bathroom to drink.
  • Moves: Volcano Burst, Meteor Strike, Pyro Explosion, Pyro Incineration, Darkness Ambush, Volcano Burst, Magma Blaster, Darkness Blast, Solar Eclipse
  • Species: Giganotosaurus carollinii
  • Personality: Loyal, funny, friendly (in chibi form), fierce, protective, and caring
  • Owner: Dr. Spike Taylor
  • Other Info: He is very protective toward his friends. Sometime in a future episode, he was controlled by an evil group, where he was altered to be very fierce and learned Darkness move cards, but Paris's Nature's Blessing weirdly made the effect disappear. He, with other dinosaurs, attacked the group's dinosaur and use Darkness Blast (looks like Magma Blaster, but its color is black, surrounded with Darkness). Some time, he also learned Solar Eclipse (he still can learn darkness moves), which confuses many dinosaurs, giving him a chance to attack.


  • He like nibbling on many things and even competes with Chomp for the rank "The Pet with the Largest Appetite to Chomp".
  • He likes to rub his body (in chibi form) in the museum's Giganotosaurus skeleton, thinking it was another of his kind.
  • His Darkness move still has blue and red flame because of its original element.
  • He like to roar (in battle mode) to confuse enemy and then he attacks them.
  • He have many friends including Terry, Ace, Spiny, Pyro, May, Cerato and Montezuma.
  • He has some sort of rivalry with Chomp, but Paris calms them down by using Metal Wing.