Appalachiosaurus montgomeriensis full-size

Kichirou adult-size

Naruto King Statistics Edit

  • Name: Kichirou
  • First Seen in Movie: Naruto Shippuden 2: Bonds
  • Species: Appalachiosaurus montgomeriensis
  • Element: Fire
  • Owner: Shinno/Naruto
  • Home: Hidden Sky Village/Hidden Leaf Village (Naruto's House)
  • Moves: Flare Sword, Shinning Assult, Heat Strike, All-Out Slash
  • Personality: Brave, Vicious, Friendly
  • Other Info: Kichirou is a Appalachiosaurus that before meeting his master, lived in the Late Cretaceous near the Appalachian Mountains along with other dinosaurs such as Styracosaurus. He befriends Shinno sensei and Amaru. He, at first, was a wild full-sized dinosaur until Shinno tamed him and later joined his master and friend on lots of adventures, Shinno told Team 7 one time when he had Kichirou that a bergade of Ninjas attacked and almost killed him, but Kichirou saved his life and him and Kichirou have bonded ever since. Later Kichirou confronts with his cousin Tarbo he has a vicious nature between Tarbo in the end Kichirou was summoned to his full-size to fight Tarbo and uses Heat Strike and All-Out Slash to beat Tarbo. Later in the Movie, the two team up to fight Shinno and the two defeated him with Fire Cannon and Flare Sword, Kichirou was later adopted by Naruto and now lives in the Hidden Leaf Village with all the other Dinosaurs.