Kita Ieyasu (PaleoTrilogy)
Kita Ieyasu1
Kita in Paleocademy]]
General information
Birth Name Kita Ieyasu (North Ieyasu)
Hobbies Sneaking around
Ethnicity Japanese

Kita Ieyasu is a long-time friend of Amicagraphica Yamaichi and Seth Yamamoto. She is a distant descendant of Tokugawa Ieyasu. She has a strained relationship with her older brother, Chikao.

Character DesignEdit

Kita has short, brown hair and brown eyes. As a self-acclaimed samurai, she oftentimes carries a sword around with her, and she wears rather baggy clothing. She can run pretty fast, even though she wears high heels (which usually kill the feet when you run). Her outfit is red on the top and she wears black pants. Her accessories are usually blue-green.


She was born to the Ieyasu family, which a Japanese father and an immigrant mother (unknown race). When she was in high school, she met Amicagraphica Kryschtofovici Yamaichi and Seth Yamamoto. There, she gained her interest in dinosaurs and later, after graduating from an University, became one of the founders of Paleocademy.

She appears in Chapter 16, to greet Amica and her allies when they go to the High School for a dinosaur competition. Kita tells them that she joined as well, with the Katsuyamasaurus that Amica gave her. Her first fight is against Sharpshooter, in which she wins by default as he had replaced himself with a robot, disqualifying himself.



  • Katsuya, Earth
Katsuya is the first carnivorous Earth-attributed dinosaur ever. She is an altered Fukuiraptor, created by Amica.



  • Three Measurements: 92-60-91 (36-23-35")