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A year has passed since the fight with the Zanjark and Rex reuniting with his real parents.

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Now, in 2008, Max and the others have returned to their natural lives and Max's father has been researching on a new (apperently new to him) dinosaur called Zupaysaurus, and Zoe's family has been caring for more animals by traveling around the world, while the Alpha Gang has been teaching other kids about dinosaurs, but as soon as life was going back to normal, a Dilophosaurus has been activated and Rex heads back to the present to tell his friends and to stop the dinosaur. Max trips on three egg capsules, containing dinosaurs in them. One was a Brachyceratops, the other a Sinraptor, and the last one a Corythosaurus, and they use them to fight the dinosaur, even the Alpha Gang travels back to the present.

Dr. Z has big plans for the dinosaurs, but Dilophosaurus beats Terry with Tornado Toss. The Zanjark's leader, Goma, plans to defeat the D-Team and rule the entire Galaxy with his Eocarcharia. Along with this event, the Alpha-Gang will help the D-Team and their new dinosaurs help stop the Zanjark by using their new Alpha Dinosaurs. The team will be using old dinosaurs they captured in past more as well as ones captured in their adventure.

The team also discovered that an ancient power in the dinosaurs had survived and bought back the Stones and Cosmos Stones they also can turn the dinosaurs into super dinosaurs. Both Dr. Taylor and Dr. Z invent a new device called the Dino Shot and Alpha Shot for the Gang to save the other dinosaurs and defeat the Zanjark. Also some good news for Dr. Reese, Helga, Dewey and Meena, including Dr. Taylor fans! They will have Dino Shots too and will help the others.

Super Ceratosaurus

Example of Elemental fusion a Super Ceratosaurus

The Dinosaurs Edit

In this story, the Stones and Cosmos Stones have defeated the Black Pterosaur, but due to being destroyed, this brought some Dinosaurs, Pterosaurs, Pliosaurs, Mosasaurs and Plesiosaurs into the present, turning the prehistoric animals in to Cards & Move Cards and had scattered them around the world. The dinosaurs along with the other prehistoric animals were in danger, since Goma, leader of the Shadow Kingdom, needed them for his plans to take over the galaxy, but the D-team & the Alpha-Gang will try to stop his plans. The animals in the story more powerful than the other Dinosaurs. The dinosaurs' move cards are even more powerful and some can get aggressive. There are many species of prehistoric animals in the story,some of the dinosaurs that the D-team and Alpha-Gang try to save have an ability called Elemental Fusion. What this ability does is that it makes the dinosaurs grow in size and makes them more powerful than were before, this ability was given to the dinosaurs when the Stones had turned them into cards in the story Spiny had possesed the elemental fusion which effected Ace, Paris, Sauro, Terry, Chomp and Tank, and had turned them into Super Dinosaurs. In the Story, they went into a rampage through the city, destroying everything, so the D-team and the Alpha-Gang including Meena, Dewey and Helga had used the dinosaurs they caught to save Chomp and the others from this possession. In the series most of the wild dinosaurs have a chibi version since the D-Team and Alpha Gang use the dinosaurs they capture, each of the chibi dinosaurs have their own personalities and features for instance Ceratosaurus is much like Ace, but has a horn on it's snout.

Elemental CrystalsEdit

DK-The Elemetal Crystals

The Elemental Crystals

The Elemental Crystals are Crystals that have an ancient power locked away inside, the crystals orginate from the Stone Plates and Cosmos Stones due to the dinosaurs' plead. There are total of 7 crystals in all, each of them have different shapes and sizes and akin to the attribute of the particular dinosaur; They are coloured the same as the elements they originate from and each them come from different fragments of crystals such as the Quartz, Halite, Rutile and Calcite. Fortunally compared to the predecessors the Crystals can used at quite large porportion and can be used to enhance the power of the dinosaurs in relationship with them.

Old DinosaursEdit

Each of the Dinosaurs, from the 1st & 2nd series return, with most playing a role of their own in an episode. Few of them make cameo appearances in an D-Kids Grand Prix, but does appear now and then.

New DinosaursEdit

Super DinosaursEdit

Super Dinosaurs are stronger forms of their normal dino counterparts. The dinosaurs transform when the Elemental Crystals are a lined with the dinosaur cards. The D-Team, Alpha Gang and Spectral Space Pirates have Super Dinosaurs and mostly all of them are equally strong. Super Dinosaurs tend to posess inmense gain of power, but can lead to climactic chaos, if the creatures have no control over it.


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