(Japanese) Zanjarks Revenge

(English) Return of the Space Pirates!


The episode begins at night in max's house Max and Chomp sleeps quietly in his bed. Suddenly Max begins to toss and turn he was then in weird black dimension and sees chomp telling him to help him max tries to help chomp but he was suddenly stopped by the mysterious evil laugh max was about to reach his hand to chomp but the mysterious person grabbed his arm and tells him it's too late max begins to scream to see chomp gets burned from the meteor along with all of the dinosaurs he turns his head to see the mysterious person but then he only see glowing red eyes the mysterious person let go of max and fell into a black hole. Max open his eyes and breaths hard, he look around his room and finds out it was a dream. He opens the curtains it was morning already he then yawns and chomp also gets up and yawns as well he then hears his mom calling to come down.