(Japanese) Get a long little Einiosaurus!!

(English) Alpha Round Up!!

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After a couple of days of building his new machine, Dr.Z has made another Alphatizer, he also made 6 Alpha controllers for his great plan. Meanwhile in school the D-team have a parent field trip in Texas to learn about Big Bend National Park. Dr. Spike Taylor joins the kids on this trip, but a thunder storm stops the school field trip and the classmates even Dr.Taylor had to camp for the day. During the storm an Einiosaurus was activated and runs amok destroying farms and western towns, the next day the kids set out to big bend national park and find alot of exciting animals but their dinoshots had detected a dinosaur nearby, Dr.Taylor had to stall Michelle for the absence of Max, Rex and Zoe. While sleeping Dr.Z's Alpha Shot had detected a dinosaur, Rod woke up his grandpa and Dr.Z was to set up his plan and the "Alpha Round Up" had begun. Dr.Z order his grandkids to bring the dinosaur back to his lab, meanwhile Max and the others found the dinosaur but found out it was asleep and let it rest, but Brachy raced down to meet his cousin, Einiosaurus knew Brachy back in the Cretaceous, the two played along with China, Koson including Max and his friends played tag, but Rod and Laura summoned Terry,Spiny,Tank and Rugops to fight Einiosaurus but Max and the others summoned their dinosaurs to help fight Rod and Laura but they used a combination move called Volcano Earth Vortex Blast which sent All four dinosaurs flying into the air and had knocked Brachy and the others back into a card but Einiosaurus wasn't finished yet. Einiosaurus had the ability Elemental Fusion and transformed into Super Einiosaurus, and Einiosaurus used Thunder Driver to beat Spiny but was so tired that it turned back into a card and Rod & Laura had obtained the card and the move card and left, that was 1 dinosaur down and 12 more to go for Dr.Z's big plan. In the end the D-Team head back to the field trip and see Dr.Taylor get punched by their teacher.

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Einiosaurus is activated in Big Bend National Park, Texas . Terry, Spiny, Tank and Rugops is summoned to fight Einiosaurus.

Brachy, China and Koson is summoned to fight Rod & Laura. They both did a combination move on Einiosaurus, Brachy, China and Koson and Einiosaurus friends turned back into cards, Einiosaurus went on a rampage and turned into Super Einiosaurus. Einiosaurus uses Thunder Driver and defeats Spiny, but to tired to fight turned back into a card.

D-Team defeated

Spiny Defeated

Einiosaurus Defeated

Alpha Gang Wins

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