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General StatisticsEdit

Name: Lambeosaurus lambei

Name Meaning: Lambe's Lizard

Diet: Herbivore

Length: 15 meters

Time Period: Late Cretaceous

Classification: Lambeosaurinae

Place Found: Canada; USA; Mexico

Describer: Parks, 1923

Dinosaur King StatisticsEdit

Attribute: Grass

Power: 1800

Technique: 400

Sign: Scissors

Owner: Zoe Drake (D-Team)

Debut: Dinosaur King The Final Rampage Episode 3

Name: Lamb

Other: Lamb is a very timid little Lambeosaurus and likes to stay close to Zoe. Lamb is usually tormented by Rascal since she gets so scared easily. Lamb is usually seen sitting on Zoe's lap.


Used Without RampageEdit

Nature's BlessingEdit

Lamb heals a dinosaur to its maximum potential.

Metal WingEdit

Three Pteronodons come and slice your opponent.

Used With RampageEdit

Emerald GardenEdit

A garden springs up around your opponent, draining their energy and giving it to Lamb.

Great HealingEdit

Lamb collects Grass energy into her body and heals herself and every dinosaur, except the opponent, around her. First used against Parasaurolophus to counter her Spreading Poison move.

Blades of GrassEdit

Grass shaped swords rise out of the ground and stabs the opponent.

Ultimate LeafEdit

Lamb is surrounded with leaves, then rams into the opponent.

Final GardenEdit

Lamb collects grass energy into her body, than heals herself to her full health, and shoots Emerald Garden at the opponent. Zoe could only use this move by swiping Emerald Garden and Great Healing at the same time.



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