Mikhail Stromenburg (PaleoTrilogy)
Mikhail Stromenberg
Mikhail Stromenburg, before his transformation
General information
Birth Name Mikhail Stromenburg
Mikhail Stromenberg (alternate spelling)
Born April 19
30 years old
Hobbies Torturing people with Himaka
Serving Rhamphorhynchus
Ethnicity Russian

Mikhail Stromenburg (also spelled Mikhail Stromenberg) is an antagonist in Paleocademy and later in Paleofuture. He is absent during the time of Paleowars, although he is hinted at the end of the story.


He serves as Rhamphorhynchus's knight, an old tradition that ran in the Yamaichi family. He travels to Max and Zoe's time to locate Amicagraphica, as Rhamphorhynchus wished to see her little sister again. However, he was corrupted by the Cosmos Stones' power, as it had absorbed the Black Pterosaur's energy when Seth rammed into it. Thus, it caused him to go after the cursed Carcharodontosaurus that killed all its enemies who lost to it. After Mikhail acquired it, he also tracked down a set of Transformation Crystals. However, the fact that the dark Cosmos Stones were controlling him was unknown until the finale, although it was hinted that it wasn't Mikhail who was evil.