in the after life

we see Max in srounded by darkness tell an angel appeared

the Angel " I am the soul of
purity and light, and Max oyu have been pick to be the avater of heaven "

Max " the avater of heaven ?" he asked

the angel " once every 10000 years the 6 forces of the nature,fire, water, wind,earth,heaven as so known as light and hell known by the name of darkness also, fight for the world , each of the 6 forces have a team lead by an avater,the winning team wins the world for the next 10000 years , you most except you destiny as the avater of heaven "

Max" I will" and with that Max became an angel and the next thing he know he was back on earth

Max" I'm back and Now , I have to get a team together to save the world form team darkness the other 4 team I'm not shorw about "

Max looking at his new wings " I wunder " with that he flapped his wings and took off into the air and flow off

Max thinking out loud " I need to get a team and fast but what do I fight with"

the soul of purity and light" you and the other teams will fight with the beast of myths and magic , base on what team your on , sens you are the avater of heaven , you will fight with the monsters of light , form angels to dragons and you all ready have oyu first beasts , spell to help them in battle and traps to portect them if oyu are to get more then you need to find those beasts and defeet them in battle to be continued

Max reborn