Zanjark Goma card 1

goma the avator of hell

Max flying throw the sky " right now Rex and Zoe are my best hope for a team

meanwhile Zoe and Rex

we see them crying with Reese,Mis,Drake and Dr,Drake, Zander,Ed,Dr,Z,Rod,Ursula, Aki,Dr,Owen,Patrick,and Laura in side the taylor house

tell the avator of hell blaster throw the door , flow in grabbed Zoe then flow back out and into the air making everyone face go O_O

with Zoe and the avator of hell


the avator of hell" I'm Goma avator of hell,"


Goma" Once every 10000 years the 6 forces of nature ,fire,water,earth,wind , heaven and Hell pick an avator to fight for them the winnng avator will gane all of the power that makes up all of time and space ,making them a god, who can then reshape the world to there liking and I know there's another avator here so I'm goign to find him beat him take his powers , and after I get all of the powers I think I'll make you my queen and let your family live "


Goma" if you say so " he then dropped her making her fall form 100000 feet in the air

Zoe screaming as she fell" AAAAAAAAAAAA"some one koot her"AAAAAAAAAA'

the man who koot her " Zoe you can stop screaming now your safe"

Zoe then looked down to see she was still in the sky , she then looked at the man's back to see he had wings , she then looked at his face to see he was Max making your face go O_O

Max" Zoe are you ok"

Zoe "Max your an angel " she asked as she held on to him for dear life

Max "ya, I'm the avator of heaven and your guarden angel Zoe" he said making Zoe blush

Max to Goma" aren;t you so pose to pull together a team before trying to find other avators"

Goma" no that's no manthitory, but look I've been an avator for 5 years, I got all of the power of hell at my side and you only have 5% of heaven's power so just give up and hand over your powers so I may be one step closer to betting all of the avator, and having all the power of nature under my control making me a god like all of the past winners of the avator wars "

Max" I won't give up we'll fight but on the ground so Zoe will be safe"

Gome " find by me" to be continued