Myth king episode 3 team light and the shadow avator part 2

Max landing on the ground and putting Zoe down" Zoe get behind me " he said making Zoe hid behind him

Goma flying down" sens you never down this be for, I'll show you how to summon a monster" he said as a black fire ball apppeared in his left hand a giant darkness symbol appeared before him the black fire ball then became a card

Goma putting the card on the gaint symbol and covering it in black fire" by the powers of hell arise Red eyes black dragon " the card then became a giant black dragon with blood red eyes

Max making a ball of light appear in his left hand as a giant flowting symbol for light appeared he for him , the ball of light then became a card

Max put the card on the giant light symbol as it became covered in light" by the power of heaven come forth Blue eyes white dragon" the card then became a white dragon with blue eyes

Max making a circule of light" go white lighting "

Goma making a giant black fire ball as Rex,Aki, and Reese arive"Go Red eyes black fire ball

the white dragon then unleashed a blast of white lighting on the black dragon

the black dragon countered by unleashing it's black fire breath upon the white dragon

when the two attacks meat everyone was blined by the light and when the light was gone so was the black dragon and Goma was on the ground

Goma " why did I lose to you " he he changed into a normal human as his dark powers became MAx's making him change in to the avator of Chasos

Max as the avator of chaos