These are the dinosaurs found in the PaleoTrilogy series.

Delta SquadEdit


D012 F EP4Triceratops sampl


Chomp the Triceratops is Max's original dinosaur. His favorite move card is Thunder Driver. His summoning phrase is "Electrocute, Triceratops!"

Move Cards
  • Thunder Driver - Chomp throws the opposing dinosaur into the air, then leaps over them and slams into the ground, drill-fashion.
  • Inazuma Phalanx - The Final Thunder in the anime, it is one of Chomp's finishing moves.


D003 F EP4Parasaurolophus s


Paris the Parasaurolophus is Zoe's original dinosaur. Her favorite move card is Emerald Garden. Her summoning phrase is "Blossom, Parasaurolophus!"

Move Cards
  • Emerald Garden - An energy-sucking garden appears under you opponent. The energy drained will be given to Paris.
  • Ultimate Leaf - It can only be used once DinoTector has been applied. Paris rams into the opponent with a lot of force while leaves surround her. Now, thanks to the Cosmos Armor, Paris can control the leaves and attack with them.


D004 F EP4Carnotaurus sampl


Ace the Carnotaurus is Rex's original dinosaur. His favorite move is now Air Raid Storm.

Move Cards
  • Air Raid Storm - Ace throws the opponent into the air, jumps right above it, grabs on, then throws them spiraling down, jumping off just as they are about to hit the ground. For those who watch Naruto, it is a bit like one of Rock Lee's Lotus moves.
  • Cyclone - A tornado engulfs Ace, then he rams the opponent. It can also be used to throw the opponent.

Spine (Cosmos Spinosaurus)Edit

Spine the Spinosaurus is one of Zoe's Cosmos Dinosaurs.

Alpha GangEdit


Acrocanthosaurus card


Rod managed to obtain the Acrocanthosaurus card in an off-screen battle against another person. Seth altered it to accommodate a new experimental move, Blazing Nightmare.

  • Blazing Nightmare - Acrocanthosaurus breathes fire in a way like a flamethrower, burning all in its path.

Night Stars' DinosaursEdit

Altered DinosaursEdit

The Night Stars developed a new breed of altered dinosaurs called the Night Stalkers. They are all carnivorous, fast dinosaurs.

Seer (Night Ceratosaurus)

Seer is an altered Ceratosaurus. Its colors are that of an inverted Alpha Ceratosaurus. Mihasa eventually comes to own it, after Zoe claims Maximus in the Dinosaur Tournament.