Sauro (Saul) is a mischevious Saurophaganax and is a close companion to Dr. Spike Taylor. Though most times reckless and may seem dumb Sauro is more than meets the eye, he's quite intelligent and is most careful when it comes to friends in need. In the 1st series of Dinosaur King he was owned by ex Alpha-Gang memeber Seth and was altered.

(サウロ) Saul
Dinosaur Statistics
Name Sauro
(サウロ) Saul
Gender Male
Species Saurophaganax
Attribute Fire
Owner Spike Taylor
Move Cards Magma Blaster, Fire Scorcher (Death Fire)
Series Kyoryu King D-Kids Grand Prix
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Chibi Sauro

Statistics Edit

  • Attribute: Fire
  • Power: 2000
  • Technique: 400
  • Sign: Scissors
  • Owner: Spike Taylor (D-Team)
  • Name: Sauro (サウロ Sauro)
  • Dinosaurs Defeated: Spinosaurus, Saichania, Tyrannosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Triceratops, Carnotaurus, Black Tyrannosaurus, Ampelosaurus

Appearance Edit

Sauro is a Saurophaganax; a large genus of theropod dinosaur belong to the Allosauroid family. Like most chibi variations of dinosaurs, Sauro looks like minier version of his adult form. Unlike his adult form, Sauro's colors consists of a blueish hue with surrounded by peach and red colored stripes, his most distinctive feature in Allosaurid are his large brow horns.


In Kyoryu King: D-Kids Grand Prix (Ancient Awakening), he can be upgraded into two forms: an Elemental form and DinoTector form. Sauro got his name from the fact that it is the first part of his name, he is a altered Saurophaganax that was first a member of the Alpha Gang, then recaptured by the D-Team and was later used to defeat the Black T-Rex.

He is one of strongest dinosaurs in the D-Team, despite his lack of intelligence. He is a tough opponent, as he proved that he is stronger than the Alpha Trio's main dinosaurs. In his chibi form, his personality is similar to Terry's; he enjoys nibbling on Dr. Taylor's beard the same way Terry likes nibbling on Dr. Z's beard, and loves ramming him over. In episode 10, he is seen biting on Dr. Taylor's beard, mistaking it for a feathery Coelurus. To explain his reasoning, Sauro showed the D-Team a book of a Coelurus, allowing them to understand why he persisted in biting Dr. Taylor's beard. Spike and Sauro have made great partnership in some adventures, saving the world from the Space Pirates, and then were some times when Sauro would get out of control. Sauro has been a trouble maker to Chomp and the other dinosaurs, but has a good relationship, his stragety is a sneak attack where he sneaks up on his target and than rams them or dog-plies them. Sauro acts a little bit like his owner, doing the silly dino dance that both Dr. Owen and Taylor do.


  • Sauro is one of the powerful and toughfest dinosaurs on the D-Team, with Chomp being the first.
  • When Sauro first appeared Dr.Taylor seemed attractive to him, probably because he remembered him from the battle with Black T-rex.

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