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General StatisticsEdit

Name: Arrhinoceratops utahensis

Name Meaning: No-nose Horn Face

Diet: Herbivore

Length: 7 meters (23 ft.)

Time Period: Late Cretaceous

Classification: Ceratopsidae

Place Found: USA

Describer: Parks, 1915

Dinosaur King StatisticsEdit


Attribute: Lightning

Power: 1600

Technique: 700

Sign: Scissors

Owner: Max Taylor (D-Team)

Debut: Dinosaur King The Final Rampage Episode 1

Name: Sparks

Other: Sparks is a very energetic little Arrhinoceratops who is named after the fact that he has "sparks" of energy. Sparks is usually seen ramming Max.


Used Without Rampage:Edit

Lightning StrikeEdit

Shoot a beam of lightning at your opponent. First used against Triceratops.

Bolt of VengeanceEdit

After being severely weakened, Sparks collects lightning energy into his body and shoots a ball of lightning at the opponent. Sparks' favorite move when he is almost defeated.

Thunder DriverEdit

Sparks hits the opponent into the air, than jumps into the air and drives them into the ground with the power of lightning.

Used With Rampage:Edit

Lightning BoltEdit

A lightning bolt hits the opponent paralyzing them making it easier for Sparks to hit them. Much like Ultimate Thunder but not as strong.

Ultimate ThunderEdit

Lightning surrounds your dinosaur giving it more power. Than the opponent is hit by a lightning bolt while your dinosaur comes speeding up to them and hits them with the power of lightning. A lot like Lightning Bolt but stronger.

Final ThunderEdit

Six bullets of lightning shoot into your opponent, than Sparks hits the opponent with his tail.



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