Spike Taylor
古代剣竜博士 (Kenryu Kodai, lit. Ancient Stegosaur Doctor
General information
Birth Name Spike Taylor
Born 1964
Hobbies Dinosaurs, Eygptian History, Westerns, Robin Hood

Spike Taylor is the father of Max Taylor and the wife of Aki Taylor and is the head chief of the D-Lab, after the fight with the Space Pirates, a year had passed and the D-Team were back to their regular own lives. Dr. Owen told Dr. Taylor about Zupayasaurus fossil that had a unknown history, he recently had been studying the fossil for months.


D-Kids Grand PrixEdit

After the Space PiratesEdit

After the events of Spectre and his Space Pirates attack and the depature of the Ancients; the D-Team and rest of earth were at peace and went back to their ordinary lives. A year has pass by; during his freetime, Dr.Taylor had been studying a new Zupayasaurus find (a cousin to dinos such as Dilophosaurus) he stayed up all night getting the lastest bit of reasearch about the dinosaur's relationship between other Neotheropods and fell asleep in his living room. Dr. Owen also told Dr.Taylor about a Tuchikurasaurus excavation site, Aki told him about this and he mentioned in a panic voice "I'm Late!!" and rushed to the door. Spike later obtained his own dinosaur (Saurophaganax) it was the same Saurophaganax from season 1 that Seth used under his control; he names it Sauro (from the first term of his name), but the dinosaur is a wild, but cute little thing. Spike obtained Sauro when the D-Team were on the backlander, Sauro was accidently activated and started to follow Spike, without him not even knowing; typically the dinosaur was already fond with Dr. Taylor and started a bond together.


  • (to Dr. Z) "Oh, and where do you usually go!
  • "Dino Slash! Saurophaganax Explode!!" (English summoning speech)
  • (to Zoe) If you think about it Ursula is old; in our timeline at least.
  • (to Goma) I guarentee with all my life, I will get my son back!!

Character DesignEdit

Dr. Taylor has spiky brown hair and purple eyes (much like his son Max). He wears a gold shirt with rolled-up cuffs, with a brown vest over it as well as blue jeans. He also has a cowboy hat. Dr. Taylor is also rather muscular. Dr. Taylor newer design is much less same, but wears only a jacket-like brown vest (similar to his original vest)with no shirt underneath revealing his bare chest, giving the appearance in similar designs of a Banchou/Bantyo, (style seen in delinquent leaders in Japan).



Spike's name is informed with two names in fact. It would seem that the creators were fans of the combat fighting game Street Fighter.

Spike's japanese name, Kenryu is a formed combination name (since its common to combine one word with another forming a new word), originating back to the two main Street Fighter characters Ken and Ryu combined with his surname it lit. means "Ancient Strong Healthy Dragon".