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Zoe Drake a middle-schooler girl, a freshmen, met a boy named Rex Owen while Rex was reading a book he accidentally ran over here. They became friends, they became close, closer and CLOSER!!!

One day Rex asked Zoe on a date at Saturday at 6:00pm & Zoe answered "yes".

At the restaurant_

Rex and Zoe talked about their grade-school life, family and friends before.

Until...Rex asked Zoe about her lovelife, if she has a boyfriend.

Zoe was shocked she didn't expected that Rex would ask her that question...

Zoe: No.

Rex: Zoe, I want you to answer me directly,

Zoe: W-what is it?

Rex: Since we've been friends for a long time, knew each othres past...WOULD YOU BE MY GIRLFRIEND???

Rex was blushing asking Zoe that question but he is really serious about his feelings for Zoe.

On the other hand, Zoe was confuse she didn't expected that Rex likes him, invited her on a date and asked her to be his girlfriend...She admitted to herself she likes Rex too but she is just SHOCKED!!!

Zoe: I don't know what to answer we're just in middle-school...I need time to think about it.

Rex: It's okay...But just tell me if you're ready.

Zoe: Okay, thanks...

To be Continued.........

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