Tarbo (Tarubo) is a Tarbosaurus and is a faithful companion to Dr. Spike Taylor.

タルボ ("Tarubo")
Dinosaur Statistics
Name Tarbo
タルボ ("Tarubo")
Gender Male
Species Tarbosaurus
Attribute Fire
Owner Spike Taylor
Move Cards Fire Cannon, Magma Blaster, Tail Smash, Hell Smash, Dino Swing, Kamikaze Tackle, Blazing Leaf, Tornado Fire Cannon, Magma Bomb, Stomping Hammer, Ultimate Fire, Flare Sword, Burning Dash, Heat Euruption
Series Kyoryu King D-Kids Grand Prix
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  • Attribute: Fire
  • Power: 1200
  • Technique: 900
  • Sign: Scissors
  • Owner: Spike Taylor (D-Team)
  • Name: Tarbo (タルボ Tarubo)


In Kyoryu King: D-Kids Grand Prix (Ancient Awakening) Tarbo is Dr.Taylor's second best dinosaur. It is proven that Tarbo and Terry have a rivarly once they meet, they start to fight each other. Tarbo is an active Tarbosaurus whos personality is really hard to swallow. He has destroyed and ruined several things while being in the Taylor's House and intends to mess with lots things. he shares much relation Sauro's personality as he enjoys nibbling on Dr.Taylor's beard as much as the next dinosaur. Tarbo shares a swell relationship with his fellow master and caring companion to his fellow friends, this has been shown in episode 25 as Gavro's dinosaur almost killed Chomp, but he stepped in front of the animal and bit the dinosaur on the neck.


  • As much on how reckless Tarbo's nature is, he is a loving/caring friend to everyone he knows.
  • Tarbo seems to have a bit of a rivalry between Terry, even though their both related.
  • In appearence Tarbo closly resembles Terry, but lacks the spikes, color and facial expression.