The teleporter zapped and hummed as it transported three people on a mission. Rex, Rod and Dr. Taylor.

The three rescuers were in the future before they knew it. "Yes, we're back!!", Rex exclaimed. "But where are we???", Dr. Taylor asked.
200px-Alpha Gang Rod

"Let me check my TPS", Rod replied, searching it, "Here we go. We're downtown in Toyko in the 22nd century. This is where the mothership and the most valuable cruisers are." "Do you really think Max will be here?", Rex asked. "I'm 90% sure. Goma's ship is the second most valuable cruiser, the first was Spectre's ship. The mothership belongs to the elders of The Dark Shadow Empire. The other smaller ships are just in the past and are controlled by Gel Jarks. So Max will most likely be here", Rod replied.

"All right. But where do we start?", Dr. Taylor asked. "The mothership is located 500 yards away, we should start there", Rod replied. "Which direction should we go?", Rex questioned. "We should head northwest. The mothership's hum is coming from there", Rod replied, listening. "Ok", the other two replied.

They all headed northwest by foot. Soon, they found space scooters they could ride. But they had only started them when Gel Jarks saw them. They surrounded the trio and called more Gel Jarks to help. "Uh oh!!", Dr. Taylor panicked, "What do we do??"

"Don't worry, just call out your dinos", Rod advised. "Great idea, Rod. DINO SLASH!!!!", Rex said, "Canotaurus, roar!!!"

"DINO SLASH!!! Spiny, gush out!!!", Rod said. "DINO SLASH!!! Saurophaganax, burn!!!", Dr. Taylor said.

The three dinosaurs worked together: Spiny and Saurophaganax distracted the Gel Jarks while Ace had the trio ride on his back. They were 30 yards away when Rod remembered the other dinosaurs. "Call them back", Rod said. He and Dr. Taylor brought Spiny and Saurophaganax back to their cards. They continued to ride Ace as the Gel Jarks disappeared from view.